10 Interesting Weather Facts

Saturday, August 31st 2013. | Earth

Learn more about Weather facts if you want to get closer with natural phenomena in the world. It will be fascinating experience if you can learn about the science of weather. You need to know that earth is not easy to forecast. There are many unusual phenomena that people see nowadays. Here are the unique facts about whether to know:

Weather Facts 1: Mirages

Many people often see mirages when they look at the hot surface. This phenomenon is often occurred on desert. Mirages happen because for the light is refracted. It can produce the object which actually does not exist.

Weather Facts 2: Moon Bows

You are lucky if you can see a moon bow. Many people can see rainbow after the hard rain. The moon bow is a unique phenomenon because it only occurs at night when the moon is full and low. If you want to capture this moon bow, you can go to Cumberland falls in Kentucky.

Bright Clouds

Bright Clouds

Weather Facts 3: Belt of Venus

If you find a brownish sky or pinking sky appearing in the horizon and sky, you probably see a belt of Venus. It usually appears when there is a dusty evening. It is so beautiful and makes you wonder.

Weather Facts 4: Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis sometimes is also called as Aurora Australia. It can be seen in the area near the poles. You can see sparkling and colorful light on the sky.

bright weather

bright weather

Weather Facts 5: Colored Moons

If you look at the sky, you will only see the moon in white color. Actually you can see it in various colors such as red, orange and blue if there is a different atmosphere issues. The change of color is because for the eclipse, dust and smoke.

Weather Facts 6: Katabatic winds

Katabatic wind occurs in various locations such as Oroshi (Japan), Santa Ana (southern California), Williwaw (Tierra del Fuego), the Bora (the Adriatic Sea), Pitaraq (Greenland), and the Mistral (Mediterranean). This wind carries the dense air from the high elevation to the low one. Look at hurricane facts if you want to know a big wind.

Weather Facts

Weather Facts

Weather Facts 7: Ball Lightning

Another very rare phenomenon of weather in the world is ball lighting. Compared to the normal lightning, it is slower. However, it can cause bigger damage since the ball lighting can reach the diameter up to 8 feet.

Weather Facts 8: Sprites, Jets, and Elves

The phenomena which occur around thunderstorm on the upper atmosphere are called as Sprites, Jets, and Elves.



Weather Facts 9: Mammatus Clouds

Experts cannot explain how Mammatus Clouds are shaped. But they are involved with thunderstorm. The shape is odd compared to the normal cloud.

Weather Facts 10: Fire whirls

Fire whirls occur in hot areas such as on forest fire. It is a tornado spinning on the hot areas or fire forest because of too much heat in the space. See tornado facts here.



If you want to know another weather phenomenon because for heat, look at Pyrocumulus Clouds. It is occurred because of forest fire, nuclear explosion and volcanoes. Do you have any comment on facts about weather?

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