10 Interesting the Korean War Facts

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016. | History

The Korean War Facts tell the people about the invasion of North Korea to South Korea. North Korea was aided by Soviet Union and China. On the other hand, South Korea was aided by United States. The war took place because of the global tensions of Cold War between Soviet Union and the Allies as well as the division of Korea after the end of Second World War. Let’s find out other interesting facts about the Korean War below:

The Korean War Facts 1: Japan and the Second World War

In 1910, the land of Korea was controlled by Japan until the country was defeated in the Second World War.

The Korean War Facts 2: Soviet Union and Japan

The declaration of war was made by Soviet Union to Japan in August 1945. Korea north of the 38th parallel was liberated by Soviet Union. On the other hand, the south area was liberated by United States.

The Korean War Pic

The Korean War Pic

The Korean War Facts 3: the two regions of Korea

After Korea was liberated, the land was split into two as a product of Cold War between United States and Soviet Union by 1948. The south and north parts owned different governments. Look at facts about the English Civil War here.

The Korean War Facts 4: the legitimate government

Both governments located on the south and north claimed to be the legitimate government in Korea.

The Korean War Image

The Korean War Image

The Korean War Facts 5: the open warfare

The open warfare took place in the land of Korea. The North Koreans decided to move to the south for uniting Korea on June 25, 1950. At first, it was a civil war.

The Korean War Facts 6: an invasion

The act of North Korean forces when moving to the south was considered as an invasion by the UN Security Council.

The Korean War Facts

The Korean War Facts

The Korean War Facts 7: United Nations

South Korea was not only defended by United States, but also 21 countries in United Nations. More than 88 percent of the military personnel from United States were contributed by United States.

The Korean War Facts 8: the end of Korean War

On 27th July 1953, Korean War ended with a signed armistice. The war was very dramatic for Seoul was under different rule four times. Moreover, a massive bombing campaign was seen in North Korea.

The Korean War

The Korean War

The Korean War Facts 9: agreement

The North Korea and South Korea were separated by Korean Demilitarized Zone. The return of prisoners was also allowed in the agreement.

The Korean War Facts 10: the peace treaty

Actually North Korea and South Korea were still at war technically because both have not signed any peace treaty. Find facts about the Iraq War here.

The Korean War Pictures

The Korean War Pictures

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