10 Interesting McCarthyism Facts

Wednesday, July 16th 2014. | History

McCarthyism Facts present the interesting information about an era where everyone’s was very paranoid about communism. People consider it as a part of the shameful and embarrassing moment in the American history. The word McCarthyism waved around the country after a man claimed the he had a list of the suspected communists in the country. Here are facts about McCarthyism that you need to know:

McCarthyism Facts 1: who started McCarthyism?

Do you know the one started McCarthyism? He was Senator Joseph McCarthy. Around 1940s and 1950s this man made people aware with the threat of the group of communism in China and Eastern Europe. Check Joseph McCarthy facts here.

McCarthyism Facts 2: United States Government

People began to aware with McCarthyism after the senator claimed that there were 200 communists in the United States government.

McCarthyism Book

McCarthyism Book

McCarthyism Facts 3: The House Un-American Committee

In 1938, the house Un-American Committee was created by McCarty to find out the communists who had infiltrated the United States Government. The committee was functioned to jail people for not naming the communists who infused in the government.

McCarthyism Facts 4: writers and entertainers

McCarthyism had targeted not only the members of the United States Government but also the entertainers and writers. Some targets included Waldo Salt, Charlie Chaplin, Dashiell Hammett, Lucille Ball, Lena Horne, Lillian Hellman, and Arthur Miller. When they were suspected as a part of communists, their career destroyed.

McCarthyism Facts

McCarthyism Facts

McCarthyism Facts 5: Was America a part of communist?

The claim of McCarty that America was a part of communist was questionable since he never successfully convicted the idea.

McCarthyism Facts 6: McCarthyism’s influence in government

The influence of McCarthyism was very big. There were at least 2,000 people losing their jobs in the United States Government.

McCarthyism In USA

McCarthyism In USA

McCarthyism Facts 7: McCarthyism conduct

The McCarthyism’s conduct which threatened the life of the people in United States forced the Senate to censor Joseph McCarty. You need to know that he was one of the three senators censored by the senate.

McCarthyism Facts 8: the president

The McCarthyism conduct was very controversial. Dwight Eisenhower did not agree with this idea.

McCarthyism Senator

McCarthyism Senator

McCarthyism Facts 9: death of McCarty

In 1957, Joseph McCarty passed way because of cirrhosis on the liver.  At that time, he was only 48 years old.

McCarthyism Facts 10: Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss’s reputation was ruined because of McCarthy’s ruthless cross examination about him. However, there was no proof that Hiss was a communist spy.



Today, McCarthyism is only a memory. People seem do not care with McCarthyism again. What do you think on facts about McCarthyism?

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