10 Interesting Women’s Suffrage Facts

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You will be informed with the right of women to vote in an election on Women’s Suffrage Facts. People also call it female suffrage. In the end of 19th century, the women in western United State, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and parts of Australian colonies were granted with the rights to vote. The international and national organization worked together to grant the women the right to vote. In 1904, International Woman Suffrage Alliance was established in Berlin, Germany. Besides focusing on the rights for women to vote, it also directed toward the equality of women. Let us get other unique facts about Women’s suffrage below:

Women’s Suffrage Facts 1: the Isle of Man

The right to vote was granted for the women in the Isle of Man who owned property in 1881.

Women’s Suffrage Facts 2: the women in New Zealand

The right to vote was granted for the women in New Zealand in 1893.

Women's Suffrage Pictures

Women’s Suffrage Pictures

Women’s Suffrage Facts 3: South Australia

The women in South Australia had the right to vote in 1894. In 1895, the women were allowed to use their rights to vote for the following election. It was okay for the women and men to stand for election in South Australia. Check facts about Venus Williams here.

Women’s Suffrage Facts 4: the full women’s suffrage

The full women’s suffrage was granted by Western Australia in 1899. On July 31, 1900, the women were permitted to vote during the constitutional referendum.  The rights of women to vote were also spotted during the elections in the federal and state levels.

Women's Suffrage Poster

Women’s Suffrage Poster

Women’s Suffrage Facts 5: the Aboriginal people

The women in the Aboriginal people were not granted the right to vote due to the presence of discriminatory restriction. In 1962, their votes were accepted in the national elections.

Women’s Suffrage Facts 6: the first introduction of women’s suffrage

The Grand Duchy of Finland was the first country in Europe, which introduced the women’s suffrage. At that time, it was included in the Russian Empire.  During the parliamentary elections in 1907, it had the first women in the world who sat as the members of parliament. Get facts about Victorian Life here.

Women's Suffrage

Women’s Suffrage

Women’s Suffrage Facts 7: Norway

In 1913, the full women’s suffrage was granted for Norway. During the interwar era, the women’s suffrage was granted in many independent countries such as in United States in 1920. In 1917, Canada granted full women’s suffrage. In the next year, Britain applied the women’s suffrage.

Women’s Suffrage Facts 8: other countries

Other European countries then also gave women the rights to vote.

Women's Suffrage Facts

Women’s Suffrage Facts

Women’s Suffrage Facts 9: Italy and France

In 1944 and 1946, France and Italy gave women the right to vote.

Women’s Suffrage Facts 10: US

In 1920, the right to vote was given to women after the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Facts about Women's Suffrage

Facts about Women’s Suffrage

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