10 Interesting the Victorian Cross Facts

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If you want to know the highest award in the honor system of United Kingdom, check the Victorian Cross Facts. The award is for the members of the armed forces of the country, which may be given posthumously. In the past, the Victorian Cross was the award for the Commonwealth countries. Now, it is not used anymore because the countries have created their own honor systems. Any person from different military rank may earn the award.  Let us check the complete information about the Victorian cross below:

The Victorian Cross Facts 1: Queen Victoria

In 1857, Queen Victoria presented the first Victorian Cross awards. That’s why British Monarch have personally present two thirds of the Victorian Cross awards. Buckingham Palace hosts the procession.

The Victorian Cross Facts 2: the introduction of Victorian Cross

Queen Victoria introduced the Victorian Cross for the first time on January 29th, 1856. During the Crimean War, the honor was given for the acts of valour.

the victoria cross facts

the victoria cross facts

The Victorian Cross Facts 3: the recipients

Until these present days, there have been 1,355 individual recipients of Victorian Cross. Check facts about the French and Indian War here.

The Victorian Cross Facts 4: after the World War 2

After the World War 2, there were only 15 medals of Victorian Cross awarded. Four of them were for the Australian Army, while the 11 ones were for the British army.

victoria cross painting

victoria cross painting

The Victorian Cross Facts 5: the rarity

The Victorian Cross is considered as a rare medal. When it was auctioned, the prize of the medal reached more than £400,000.

The Victorian Cross Facts 6: the Victorian Cross collection

The Victorian Cross is something that people like to collect. Therefore, the private and public collections have been spotted for the medals.

victoria cross images

victoria cross images

The Victorian Cross Facts 7: the number of private collections

One-tenth of the all Victorian Cross medals, which have been awarded, are under the private collection of Lord Ashcroft.

The Victorian Cross Facts 8: the public display

The Ashcroft collection of Victorian Cross went to public in November 2010. They were displayed at the museum’s Victoria and George Cross collection.

victoria cross facts

victoria cross facts

The Victorian Cross Facts 9: the national honor system

The national honor system was developed by New Zealand, Australia and Canada, which made Victorian Cross less popular. Get facts about the Crimean War here.

The Victorian Cross Facts 10: Australia

On 15th January 1991, Australia had its own Victorian Cross. It earns the record as the first Commonwealth realm to create it.

victoria cross pic

victoria cross pic

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