10 Interesting Medieval Times Facts

Wednesday, July 16th 2014. | History

If you like to study about history, why don’t you read Medieval Times Facts? The people lived during the medieval era had their own way or life, habit, customs and cultures.  It will be fun to learn more about the life style of the people. Do you know that people in the middle ages only had knives and spoons? They had no forks. Let’s find out other interesting facts about medieval times below:

Medieval Times Facts 1: brushing the teeth

Do you have any idea on how people cleaned their teeth? They would rub the burnt rosemary on the teeth to make them clean. During this time, people were concerned with the teeth because toothache was very painful.

Medieval Times Facts 2: eyebrows

The standard of beauty in the medieval era was different with the modern era. You can find that the women in Florence during the renaissance era always shaved their eyebrow because that’s the standard of fashion. There is no need to wonder that Mona Lisa had no eyebrow in the Da Vinci’s painting.

Medieval Times Archery

Medieval Times Archery

Medieval Times Facts 3: scientific observation

Even though the technology was still limited during the medieval era, it is quite interesting to find out that some people had done scientific observation. The observance of sunspot, longitude of the sea, satellite of Jupiter, phases of Venus, comets, tides, and Saturn observed in medieval time.

Medieval Times Facts 4: odors

Do you know that people in the medieval era believed that the foul odor spread diseases? Moreover, some people also believed that a disease that a person had is because of the consequence of sin that he or she had committed.

Medieval Times Facts

Medieval Times Facts

Medieval Times Facts 5: Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages were conducted by many people in medieval time. But the purpose of this peregrinate was not for spiritual fortification. It was mostly for curing disease.

Medieval Times Facts 6: a knight

Becoming a knight is always the biggest dream for men in the medieval time. It is very hard to gain the position because he had to serve as a page for 7 years and a squire for 7 years. Learn knight facts here.

Medieval Times Food

Medieval Times Food

Medieval Times Facts 7: inventions

There were some inventions created during the era. Those included lodestone, telescope, hydrostatic, thermometer, pendulum, thermometer, sector, pump, balance, and many more.

Medieval Times Facts 8: green nail polish

To beautify the nail, the women in the era used green nail polish. The green color was the common color of a nail polish because people had abundant malachite.

Medieval Times Knights

Medieval Times Knights

Medieval Times Facts 9: Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings actually did not occur in Hastings.  The battle happened at Senlac Hill. It is located 10 km or 6 miles North West of Hastings.

Medieval Times Facts 10: Black Death

Black Death is always linked with medieval time.  This epidemic had killed 30 up to 60 percent of the population in European continent.

Medieval Times Pic

Medieval Times Pic

The main source of meat in medieval era was pigs. The animals were abundant and cheap. Are you interested with facts about medieval times?

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