10 Interesting Arizona Facts

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Read the following explanation about Arizona facts if you want to know the right to work state. There is no membership in a labor organization. Everyone in the state for Arizona can seek any job here. This state is well known as the leading state in copper production. If you are interested to get more facts about this state, read the whole info below:

Arizona Facts 1: Official State Flower

The official state flower in Arizona is saguaro cactus. In May and June, you can see the blossoming white flowers on the tips of the cactus. Saguaro can be found in Arizona. It is characterized as the largest cactus in US.

Arizona Facts 2: Official State Tree

The official state tree of Arizona is Palo Verde. In April or May, people can enjoy the beauty of the blossoming yellow gold flowers. Palo Verde means green stick.

Arizona Canyon

Arizona Canyon

Arizona Facts 3: Official State Fossil

The official state fossil in Arizona is Petrified wood. The origin of petrified wood comes from Petrified Forest. You just have to go to the southeastern of Arizona.

Arizona Facts 4: Official State Gemstone

Arizona also has an official gemstone. It is turquoise. You can find the gemstone around US. It is characterized with blue-green color. The surface of the gemstone is a bit waxy.

Arizona Facts

Arizona Facts

Arizona Facts 5: Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting Arizona is wonderful. You can go to the most well-known place. It is Grand Canyon National Park. Get more attraction in North Carolina facts.

Arizona Facts 6: Official State Bird

The official state bird of Arizona is cactus wren. The bird likes to have a nest in thorny plants which can keep them protected. They can be found on the desert and live inside the arm of the giant saguaro cactus. The bird can reach the length of 8 inches.

Arizona Road

Arizona Road

Arizona Facts 7: Battleship USS Arizona

To honor the state, the government created battleship USS Arizona. In 1915 the ship was launched in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Read Michigan facts here.

Arizona Facts 8: Natural Attraction in Arizona

There are many natural attractions that you can enjoy with family when you visit Arizona. Some of them include Salt River Canyon, Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon, Chiricahua National Monument, Picacho Peak State Park, Colorado River, Grand Canyon Caves, Meteor Crater and many more.

Arizona Sunset

Arizona Sunset

Arizona Facts 9: Rattlesnake

Compared to all eleven species of rattlesnakes found in Arizona, the most beautiful one is Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake.

Arizona Facts10: State Official Amphibian

The state official amphibian is Arizona tree frog. The length for the animal is only 2/3 to 2 inches.

Arizona Vacation

Arizona Vacation

Gold and blue are considered as the official state color. If you want to know the tallest fountain in the world, you can look as the Fountain Hills. The land in Arizona is used 57 percent for pastureland, 2 percent for crop, and 24 percent for forest. Do you have comment on facts about Arizona?

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