10 Interesting Wisconsin Facts

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Another state to learn can be seen in Wisconsin facts. This state has many rivers. The visitors are served with 7,446 streams and rivers. If you want to enjoy the five state parks in one location, you can go to Wisconsin’s Door County. If you want to know detail facts about Wisconsin, look at the facts below:

Wisconsin Facts 1: Devil’s Lake

One of the most prominent state parks in Wisconsin is located in Devil’s Lake. It is considered as the oldest state park. It was built in 1911.

Wisconsin Facts 2: House on the Rock

Visit the House on the Rock if you want to know the historic building in Wisconsin. It was built in 1940s. The house is equipped with 60 foot rock chimney, many windows, and 200 acre garden and 14-room house.

Wisconsin Dairy

Wisconsin Dairy

Wisconsin Facts 3: Watertown

Watertown is the home of the first kindergarten in US. It was built in 1856. The students of the kindergarten were the German speaking children.

Wisconsin Facts 4: Products of Wisconsin

The dairy capital in US is taken by Wisconsin. The production of milk in this state is higher compared to other states in US.

Wisconsin Facts

Wisconsin Facts

Wisconsin Facts 5: Barbie

Barbie is a great doll. Girl loves it much. The full name of Barbie is Barbie Millicent Roberts. It comes from Willows.

Wisconsin Facts 6: Green Bay

The oldest city in Wisconsin is Green Bay. Prairie du Chine is the second oldest city in Wisconsin.  If you want to know the home of the ice cream sundae, go to Two Rivers. If you want to know the inner tubing capital of the world, you can go to Somerset.

Wisconsin Farms

Wisconsin Farms

Wisconsin Facts 7: Mustard Museum

If you want to know the largest mustard collection, you can go to Mustard Museum. There are 2,300 varieties of mustards displayed on the museum. Each August this museum will celebrate the national day of Mustard.

Wisconsin Facts 8: Hayward

If you want to visit Hayward, you can go to National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. You can visit Eagle River to know the Snowmobile capital in the world.

Wisconsin Map

Wisconsin Map

Wisconsin Facts 9: Noah’s Ark

The largest water themed park in Wisconsin is called in Wisconsin Dells. It is called as Noah’s Ark.

Wisconsin Facts 10: Milwaukee’s summer fest

If you like to enjoy the largest music festival in Wisconsin, You can go to Milwaukee’s Summerfest. There are at least 2,500 performers in festival.

Wisconsin Waters

Wisconsin Waters

There are many famous people coming from Wisconsin. You can see the actor and winner of an Oscar, Don Amice. The escape artist and magician, Harry Houdini was originated from Wisconsin. The well-known Korean War general and WW II, Douglas MacArthur came from the state too. Are you interested to know more on facts about Wisconsin?

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