10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Tuesday, August 6th 2013. | States

Let me tell you more about Kentucky facts. Kentucky is one of the major states in US. Each year people visit Kentucky to enjoy the beautiful view and also the historic places. If you come to the Murray State University, you need to visit the Boy Scouts of America Scouting Museum. You will be informed with history about boy scouts. Get more info by reading the whole facts below:

Kentucky Facts 1: The Kentucky Derby

If you want to know the oldest horse race in the world, you need to go to The Kentucky Derby. You just have to come to the first Saturday of May to enjoy the race. It will be held in Churchill Downs in Louisville. Look at Indiana facts to know more about states in US.

Kentucky Facts 2: Racehorses

If you want to know the finest and most famous racehorses in the country, you can find them on Bluegrass Country. It is situated near Lexington.

Kentucky City

Kentucky City

Kentucky Facts 3: Harrodstown

In the past, Harrodstown was called as Harrodsburg. It is considered as the first permanent settlement in Kentucky built in 1774. The name of the settlement was derived from an area surveyor named James Harrod. Get more info about gambling in Nevada facts.

Kentucky Facts 4: Cumberland River

Cumberland River is the home to the first commercial oil well. It is situated in McCreacy County. The discovery occurred in 1819.

Kentucky Countryside

Kentucky Countryside

Kentucky Facts 5: Mammoth Cave

If you like to enjoy a unique tourist attraction in Kentucky, you can go to Mammoth cave.  It is considered as the longest cave in the world. It comes as the second oldest attraction in US after Niagara Fall. The government made it as a popular attraction in 1816.

Kentucky Facts 6: State Tree

Now people of Kentucky use tulip tree as the official state tree since 1976. In the past they used the Kentucky coffee tree or Gymnocladus dioicus as the official state tree.

Kentucky Facts

Kentucky Facts

Kentucky Facts 7: Cheeseburgers

Burger could be one of the favorite foods among US people. Kaolin’s restaurant located in Louisville is the first place where the Cheeseburger was served.

Kentucky Facts 8: Bowling Green

Kentucky is also a home to an auto industry. Bowling green is the plant where Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured.

Kentucky Farm

Kentucky Farm

Kentucky Facts 9: Heather Renee French

Heather Renee French is a very beautiful and talented woman. She is the first Miss American originated from Kentucky. She won the title on 18 September 1999.

Kentucky Facts 10: Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant

When we talk about Kentucky, We should think about the famous restaurant outlet called Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The first restaurant is located in Corbin and was operated by Colonel Sanders.

Kentucky Waterfall

Kentucky Waterfall

There several famous people born in the state. Some of them include Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln is the president of the Union, while Davis is the president of the confederacy. If you want to enjoy a waterfall with a moonbor, you need to see Cumberland.  You can visit the southwest area of Corbin. Do you have any comment on facts about Kentucky?

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