10 Interesting Indiana Facts

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Indiana facts invoke the history, important events, figure and famous people in the state. When you want to know the area which once called as the circus capital of America, you can go to Peru, Indiana. This state is also a home to the greatest swimmer from the Indiana University. He is Mark Spitz. In 1971 Olympic games, this man took home seven gold medals. This is a big achievement not only for the athlete but also for the state and country. Here are the details on facts about Indiana:

Indiana Facts 1: Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln spent his childhood with his parents Nancy and Thomas in Indiana. He moved to Spencer country, Indiana when he was only 7 years old.

Indiana Facts 2: Hard Rain

If you are a big fan of Hollywood movie, you need to note on Hard Rain movie. It was filmed in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Albion indiana courthouse

Albion indiana courthouse

Indiana Facts 3: Raggedy Ann doll

Raggedy Ann doll is one of the famous dolls in the world. It was created for the first time in 1914. The creator is Marcella Gruelle coming from Indianapolis.

Indiana Facts 4: Evansville

Evansville at Republic Aviation was the site where the P-47 fighter planes manufactured. The planes were used during the world II.

Indiana Facts

Indiana Facts

Indiana Facts 5: James Dean

One of the popular actors coming from Indiana is James Dean. He was born on 8 February 1941. This man was popular in 1950s. Some of his wonderful movies include “Rebel without a Cause” and “East of Eden”. He passed away in the age of 24 years old in a car accident.

Indiana Facts 6: Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is the place where the first professional baseball game in the country held. It was celebrated on 4 may 1871. Oregon facts give more info about the palces in US.

Indiana Map

Indiana Map

Indiana Facts 7: Historic Parke County

If you want to visit Indiana, you should never forget to look at the covered bridge capital in the world located in Historic Parke County. This small county has 32 covered bridges.

Indiana Facts 8: David Letterman

Many people in US love to enjoy the David Letterman Show. This television host was born in Indianapolis on 12 April 1947. Look at Nevada facts to know another figure.

indiana transportation

indiana transportation

Indiana Facts 9: Tree Species

Indiana is considered as a home to at least 100 tree species. In the past, it is stated that 90 percent of Indiana was covered by forest. But now it only has 17 percent forest.

Indiana Facts 10: Railroad

The first major railroad built in Indiana was finished in 1847. The railroad connects Indianapolis and Madison.



When you hear the state of Indiana, you probably think that this area must be inhabited by many Indian people. It is true that Indiana means the land of the Indian. However, the Indian residents in the state are fewer than 8000 individuals. Do you have any comment on facts about Indiana?

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