10 Interesting South Australia Facts

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South Australia Facts present the interesting information about a state located in the southern central part of Australia. Based on the land area, it takes the fourth largest state. The state has the total land area at 379,725 square miles or 983,482 square km. The report states that South Australia has an arid condition. Here are some interesting facts about South Australia for you:

South Australia Facts 1: the population

South Australia is inhabited by 1.6 million people.  The people who live here only take 8 percent of the whole population in Australia.

South Australia Facts 2: the border

South Australia shares border with New South Wales to the east, Northern Territory to the north, Western Australia to the west, Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean to the south, Victoria to the south east and Queensland to the north-east.

South Australia Beauty

South Australia Beauty

South Australia Facts 3: the state capital

Adelaide is the state capital of South Australia. Most people are concentrated in the city. Other people live on the areas around River Murray and south-eastern coast.

South Australia Facts 4: the history

Let’s find out the brief history of South Australia. Governor John Hindmarsh proclaimed the area at Old Gum Tree as a colony on 28 December 1836. The colony was not used as a convict settlement. It was functioned as a freely settled British province.

South Australia Facts

South Australia Facts

South Australia Facts 5: the first British settlement in South Australia

On 26 July 1836, British formed as the first settlement at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. Adelaide was established five months later. Get Australian facts here.

South Australia Facts 6: the economy

The manufacturing, agricultural and mining industries are some sources for the economy in South Australia. The finance section in the state is growing too.

South Australia Image

South Australia Image

South Australia Facts 7: the employment

In 2009 until 2010, South Australia has the annual employment at 800,600 persons. If you compare it with the number of employment in 2000-2001, it rose 18 percent. The social assistance and health care are the main sectors which increase the employment rate.

South Australia Facts 8: a container port

Port Adelaide houses a container port in South Australia. Actually the state has various ports. Sea Link ferry Service is very important for the people who want to reach Kangaroo Island. Get facts about Red Kangaroo here.

South Australia Picture

South Australia Picture

South Australia Facts 9: the most popular sport

The most popular sport in South Australia is Australian Rules football. It receives a lot of attention from the people.

South Australia Facts 10: the teams from South Australia

Port Adelaide Football Club’s and Adelaide Football Club are the two football teams from South Australia which participate at Australian Football League national competition.

South Australia

South Australia

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