10 Interesting Massachusetts Facts

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Find out more about Massachusetts facts if you want to know the detail about one the biggest states in US. This state contains many historical events that people can view on the museum. If you are interested to find out more about the Salem witch trial in 1692, you can see 552 original documents at the Peabody Essex Museum. Get more information about Massachusetts by reading the whole post below.

Massachusetts Facts 1: Norfolk County

Norfolk County is famous since it is the birthplace for some US presidents. Some of them include John Quincy Adams, George Herbert Walker Bush, John Adams and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Massachusetts Facts 2: Subway System

Subway system is one of the most important means of transportation in US. The first subway system was built in Boston in 1897.

Massachusetts Facts

Massachusetts Facts

Massachusetts Facts 3: Rockport

Rockport is a city in Massachusetts which gains the attention for the people. There are some people visiting this city to enjoy a house built from newspapers.

Massachusetts Facts 4: The Oldest Co-Educational School

If you want to know the oldest co-educational school in US, you need to visit Hingham’s Derby Academy. It was established in 1784. Look at Arkansas facts to know other old schools in US.

Massachusetts Map

Massachusetts Map

Massachusetts Facts 5: Springfield

If you have so much time to visit Massachusetts, don’t forget to come to Springfield. This city is a home to the basketball Hall of fame. You will be served with complete history of inspirational figures on basketball history.

Massachusetts Facts 6: The Oldest Church Structure

The oldest church structure in US is located at Massachusetts. It is called as First Parish Old Ship Church suited in Hingham. Many people come here to worship the god. The smallest state in US is explained in Rhode Island facts.

Massachusetts State

Massachusetts State

Massachusetts Facts 7: The First Automobile Owner

The first mayor of Boston who owned a car is James Michael Curley.  It is equipped with a plate number of 576. Till this present day, the mayor of Boston still uses the plate number.

Massachusetts Facts 8: Harvard

One of the biggest universities in US is Harvard. The first college founded in North American was built in 1636.



Massachusetts Facts 9: The First Public Elementary School

The first public elementary school was established in Dorchester in 1639. It was named as Mather School.

Massachusetts Facts 10: The United First Parish Church

The United First Parish Church located in Quincy is the place where the famous John Quincy Adams and John Quincy were buried.

River at Massachusetts

River at Massachusetts

There are many famous buildings and places to visit in Massachusetts. You just have to spend more days if you come here. If you have kids, why don’t you take them on the Children Museum? It is placed in Boston. The museum gives unique display of a huge milk bottle. If you want your kids to learn more about the pilgrim story, take them to Pilgrim National Wax Museum in Plymouth. Are you interested to get more facts about Massachusetts?

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