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You can enjoy a wide range of information about the five senses of human being in Senses Facts. The senses include the sense of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. Each sense works differently.   This collection of sensory organ will create response when there is a certain physical occurrence. Let’s find out more interesting facts about senses below:

Senses Facts 1: the five senses of human being

The scientists agree that the sense of human being is categorized into five senses. Those are senses of touch, sight, heating, smell and taste. Actually the exact number of the senses that human being has is still in debate.

Senses Facts 2: the sense organs

Let’s find out the senses of organs of human being. Those are the skin for sense of touch, ear for sense of hearing, eyes for sense of sight, nose for sense of smell and tongue for sense of taste.

Senses Facts

Senses Facts

Senses Facts 3: the sense of sight

The sense of sight is represented by the eyes. The images of the visible light will be sent t he retina of eye via the photoreceptors.  Get facts about eye here.

Senses Facts 4: the types of photoreceptors

The eyes have two kinds of photoreceptors. Those are the cones and rods. The cones enable the eyes to distinguish the color. On the other hand, the rods are very sensitive to light. Therefore, the sense of sight is made by the sense of brightness and color on the photoreceptors.

Senses Pic

Senses Pic

Senses Facts 5: the sense of touch

The neural receptors can be found on the sense of touch.  The skin contains the hair follicles which enable you to feel the touch. The throat and tongue have the pressure receptors. Get facts about skin cancer here.

Senses Facts 6: the sense of hearing

What about the sense of hearing? It is used to identify the vibration of sound. You can hear because you have normal ears. The brain interprets the vibration of sound since the ears have the hair like fibers and tiny bones which can transform the sound waves or motion into electrical nerve pulses.

Senses Types

Senses Types

Senses Facts 7: the sense of taste

There are five basic tastes that human being can feel using their tongue. Those are salty, bitter, sweet, savory and sour.

Senses Facts 8: the sense of smell

The nose is used to differentiate smell. The nasal passage contains sensory cells or olfactory receptors.

Facts about Senses

Facts about Senses

Senses Facts 9: flavor

When we talk about flavor, we have to use not only the sense of smell, but also the sense of taste.

Senses Facts 10: other senses of human beings

Some scientists believe that there are many other senses of human beings. It can be seen on the ability of human being to feel pain and distinguish temperate.



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