10 Interesting Reading Facts

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You will surprise with the positive effects of reading hobby in Reading Facts. Many people think that reading a book is boring hobby. They view reading as an anti social and introverted hobby. Actually it can increase the intellectual, emotional and psychological states of mind. Get more facts about reading in the following post below:

Reading Facts 1: Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.  The recent study states that reading can help you to prevent the risk of having Alzheimer’s. The risk of having Alzheimer’s is decreased if you read two and half times.

Reading Facts 2: learning something new

Learning something new can be done in the library. When you read a new book, newspaper or magazines, it means that you get new information.

Reading Facts

Reading Facts

Reading Facts 3: education

Reading is a good educational process. It makes you smarter than before. At least, it has been proved by the research paper of Anne E. Cunningham.  You will get new knowledge and increase the ability of the brain to remember the knowledge in the future.

Reading Facts 4: a happy and cultured life

The people whose hobby is reading can get a happy and cultural life.  They tend to do more exercise and vote. They appreciate the given life.

Reading Image

Reading Image

Reading Facts 5: reducing depression and stress

Those who always feel tired with their life and end up in stress and depression can enjoy a therapeutic activity by reading at home. You can enjoy a new entertaining book which can make you mind relaxed.

Reading Facts 6: memory

When you are aging, the ability of the brain to regain memory is decreased. You can enhance the memory capacity by reading. The brain will give new space to save the new information. Get facts about brain here.

Reading Images

Reading Images

Reading Facts 7: the famous children authors

If you are interested to read and you want to know the works of the famous children and young adult authors, you can read the books by Alice Sebold, JK Rowling or Alan Ahlberg.

Reading Facts 8: the famous books

There are many famous books in the world. If you are interested with mystery, thriller or adventure, you can check the Sherlock Holmes series. Agatha Christie’s books are great to read too.

Reading Pictures

Reading Pictures

Reading Facts 9: analytical thinking

Another benefit that you can get by reading a book is enhancing the analytical thinking.

Reading Facts 10: vocabulary

The vocabulary of the people who like to read is expanded compared to those who hate reading.



Are you interested with facts about reading?

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