10 Interesting Color Blindness Facts

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Let’s find out the color blindness facts if you want to know the right information. Many people mislead by thinking that all color blind people are totally blind to differentiate color. It is not true because color blindness may lead into color deficiency. When people are diagnosed with red green color blindness, it means that they have a combination of green blindness/ deutant defect with red blindness or protean defect. To get the detail, read the following facts below:

Color Blindness Facts 1: Color Vision Deficiency

The color vision deficiency is more likely to occur on men rather than of women. It is due to the fact that color blindness has something to do with X sex chromosome. If you have a colorblind friend, probably “What color is this?” is the most frustrating question to answer.

Color Blindness Facts 2: Types of Color Blindness

You need to know that the color blindness is separated into three types. Those are tritan, deutan and protan defects. The color blind people mostly can only differentiate 20 colors, while the normal people can detect more than 100 colors. Look at down syndrome facts to know another condition of human being.

Color Blindness Facts

Color Blindness Facts

Color Blindness Facts 3: Red-Green Color Blindness

The red green color blindness is mostly suffered by 99 percent of people with color blind. It is always linked with sex because a man with X chromosome has higher possibility to own this color deficiency.

Color Blindness Facts 4: Color Blindness Book

The first person who wrote about color blindness is John Dalton. That’s why color blindness is also called as Daltonism. Read albinism facts to get another clue about different human condition.

Color Blind

Color Blind

Color Blindness Facts 5: Severity of Color Blindness

Color blindness is also divided based on its severity. The categories include absolute, strong, moderate and slightly. Even though this color blind is liked with X chromosome, a father with red and green color blind will never pass his color blind to his boys.

Color Blindness Facts 6: Jobs without Color Blind

There are some jobs which require the people to have normal vision. Some of them include firefighter, police officer and airline pilot.  Unfortunately those with color blind cannot get such jobs because there is no cure for color blindness.

Color Blindness Types

Color Blindness Types

Color Blindness Facts 7: Monochromacy

Monochromacy makes you have a low vision because your eyes only have one type of color receptor.  This is complete color blindness because you can only see one color. This term is also named as achromatopsia.

Color Blindness Facts 8: Dogs

Most people think that all animals are color blind. It is true because dogs are not colorblind animal.

Color Blindness

Color Blindness

Color Blindness Facts 9: Colored Lenses or Glasses

Even though you wear colored glasses and lenses, they will never give a normal color vision. What they do is only enhance the discrimination of color on your eyes.

Color Blindness Facts 10: Men with Color Blinds

It is estimated that 8 percent of males are affected by color blindness.

Test Image

Test Image

Women can also suffer from the red and green colorblind. If this is happened, all of her sons will be colorblind. When you have two different color receptions, your color blind is called as dichromacy. Do you agree on facts about color blindness above?

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