10 Interesting Tarsier Facts

Thursday, December 17th 2015. | Animals

Let’s find out haplorrhine primates of the family Tarsiidae on Tarsier Facts.  The species of Tarsier is mostly spotted in Southeast Asia like in Indonesia, Malaysian and Philippines. The fossils are found in North America, Europe and Asia. In the past, the population of tarsier was extensive. Get other interesting facts about Tarsier below:

Tarsier Facts 1: the extinct genera

Can you mention the extinct genera of tarsier? Both are Xanthorhysis and Afrotarsius. They are included in the family Tarsiidae. Get facts about sheep here.

Tarsier Facts 2: the physical appearance of tarsier

The physical appearance of tarsier is seen on the small body. But this animal has the huge eyes. The diameter of the eyes is around 16 mm. The balance of the head and eyes can be achieved by the animal due to the unique cranial anatomy. When they wait for the prey, tarsiers remain in silent.




Tarsier Facts 3: the auditory sense

The auditory sense of tarsier is impressive. It is due to the unique auditory cortex that it owns.

Tarsier Facts 4: the feet

When you see the feet of tarsier, you will be awed due to the elongated tarsus bone. Therefore, tarsier has the long hind limbs. Get facts about sparrow here.

Tarsier Pic

Tarsier Pic

Tarsier Facts 5: the length of tarsier

The length of the head to the body of Tarsier is around 10 to 15 cm. The length of the feet is twice as long as the body’s length.  It also has slender tail which has the length at 20 to 25 cm.

Tarsier Facts 6: the fur

The fur of tarsier reminds you with the soft texture of velvet. The color of the fur can be in ochre, beige or buff.

Tarsier Image

Tarsier Image

Tarsier Facts 7: the nocturnal animals

Tarsier is included as a nocturnal animal. But it is unique for it has tapetum lucidum on the eye. This area in the eye has lack of light reflecting function. The visual information is perceived in the primary area of thalamus. During the daytime, it shows less activity.

Tarsier Facts 8: the brain

If you compare tarsier with other primates, it has different system.  The two eyes and the lateral geniculate nucleus have different arrangement of connections.

Tarsier Facts

Tarsier Facts

Tarsier Facts 9: the carnivorous animals

Most tarsiers are carnivorous. They like to eat bats, lizards, snakes and birds.

Tarsier Facts 10: the gestation period

It takes six months for the gestation period of tarsier. There is a single offspring given birth by the tarsier. When it is born, it has open eyes.



Are you impressed with facts about tarsier?

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