10 Interesting Snow Leopards Facts

Friday, July 5th 2013. | Animals

Snow Leopards facts bring detail information about one of the most powerful and wild animals in the world. Just like its name snow leopard’s habitat is located on the snowy area. They live in snowy mountains. The animals are endangered because they lose the habitat. The snow leopards have unique features on their fur. The spot is gorgeous so that many people want to have it. See the following facts about snow leopard if you are interested to their characters, behavior and food.

Snow Leopards Facts 1: Habitat

It is stated that snow leopard can be found in central and south Asia. They live in Himalayan regions and hard terrain. The long thick whitish fur makes the animal beautiful.

Snow Leopards Facts 2: Leopard

Even though snow leopards have a leopard name, it has nothing to do with the real leopard. The animals with the scientific name uncia uncia are a closer family to cheetah. This is an edangered animal. Read animal rights facts to concern more about other species.

snow leopard

snow leopard

Snow Leopards Facts 3: Physical Description

The snow leopards do not always have white fur. Some of them have a color from light tan to grey. The spot is totally gorgeous.  The rosettes come in dark gray. You can see them on the tail, legs, and head. You can find similar spot of snow leopard located on the neck and head in jaguar. The spot of each snow leopard is different. It is just like a human fingerprint.

Snow Leopards Facts 4: Eye Color

The color of snow leopard eyes is various. You can see them having gray or pale green eye color.

Brown Snow Leopards

Brown Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards Facts 5: Paws

A snow leopard has wide paws. They are functional to help the animal distribute the weight. They can travel in balance on the snowy region and difficult terrain.

Snow Leopards Facts 6: Roaring

Don’t be surprised this animal cannot roar even though it is powerful, agile and strong.

Snow Leopards Cubs

Snow Leopards Cubs

Snow Leopards Facts 7: Female Snow Leopard

Female snow leopards can have 2 until 3 cubs. They will give birth in rock dens. The mating between male and female snow leopards occurs when the female snow leopards can attract the male using the urine smell.

Snow Leopards Facts 8: Food

Snow leopards are carnivorous animals. They like to eat marmot, sheep, small rodents and wild boars. To know the smaller version, read cats facts.

White Snow Leopards

White Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards Facts 9: Tail

Besides the paws, the tail of snow leopards is also functional to maintain their balance. When they climb the slippery and rocky mountain, they will never get fall because of the tail.

Snow Leopards Facts 10: Weight

Snow leopards are considered as big animals. Their weight can reach 75 kilogram. The length is around 47 to 50 inches. The length of tail is 31 to 39 inches. They can run with the speed 60 km per hour. The animal can have the life span around 15 to 18 years.

Snow Leopards Facts

Snow Leopards Facts

Snow leopards should be protected and preserved because they are endangered animals. Snow leopards can only molt twice a year. Do you want to add more facts about snow leopard?

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