10 Interesting Armadillo Facts

Thursday, September 12th 2013. | Animals

Read the following explanation about armadillo facts if you want to know one for the nocturnal mammals. The body of armadillo is mainly covered with strong thorny plates. They live in a burrowing area. They can be found in the tropical areas of South American and Central America. The animals are included as primitive animals. An armadillo is made from small bony plates. If you are interested to find out more ideas about armadillo, see the facts here:

Armadillo Facts 1: Species of Armadillo in Texas

There are many species of armadillo living on earth. The one which can be found in north area of Texas is the peba. Look at crocodile facts to get the info about the hard skin animals.

Armadillo Facts 2: Burrowing Animal

Armadillos are included as a burrowing animal.  They always burrow the earth as a place of living. These animals never go outside at day. They always hunt during the night. That’s why they are called as nocturnal animals.

Armadillo Facts

Armadillo Facts

Armadillo Facts 3: Dasypodidae

Armadillo is included in the family of Dasypodidae. It is the only member in the order of cingulate because other members of the order are extinct. In the upper order Xenarthra, armadillo has a close relation with Sloths and anteaters.

Armadillo Facts 4: Protection

When armadillos feel unsafe from other animals, they will protect the body by curdling into a ball. All sides of the body will have armor as protection. Another animal with hard skin protection is seen in opossum facts.

Three banded armadillo

Three banded armadillo

Armadillo Facts 5: Swimmer

There are more than 20 species of armadillo found in the world. All of them are excellent swimmers.

Armadillo Facts 6: Diet

Armadillos are included as omnivorous animals.  They can live for around 12 till 15 years.  You can find them living in various regions such as rainforest, prairies, arid desert and pampas.

Armadillo Pic

Armadillo Pic

Armadillo Facts 7: Weight

Most armadillos come in the weight around 85 gram till 50 kilogram. The height is around 13 cm to 150 cm.

Armadillo Facts 8: Priodontes maximus

If you want to know the giant armadillo, look at Priodontes maximus. The biggest size of this species comes in the length of 5 feet or 1.5 meter and the weight around 132 lb. or 40 kilogram.



Armadillo Facts 9: Glyptodont

Glyptodon is the prehistoric armadillo which has the weight in the top position. It can reach the weight of 4,400 lb. or 2 tonnes and the length around 9 feet or 2.7 meter.

Armadillo Facts 10: Name of armadillo

The word armadillo is gained from Spanish. It means ‘little armored one’.

Nine banded Armadillo

Nine banded Armadillo

Armadillos are great jumpers. They can jump up to the air to reach the height up to 3 feet. A collective name for armadillo is a herd or a pack.  This animal has a long sticky tongue used to catch the prey. Have you found more facts about armadillo?

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