10 Interesting Centipedes Facts

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Animals

Centipedes facts will be the main discussion for any people who really want to learn in how to understand better about such type of insect. In fact, you may find out that there are some interesting facts related to centipedes that you may never hear before.

Centipedes Facts 1: poison

It is true that centipedes are poisonous insects. In this case, you need to know how such animal may release the poison. What they do is to inject fangs from their legs on the first segment to any of their prey.

Centipedes Facts 2: 100 legs?

Some people call centipedes as one hundred legged insect. Yet, the fact is that you may recognize that such insect has no 100 legs in pairs because it even numbers. The legs commonly may count as unevenly.



Centipedes Facts 3: body segment

In reviewing about centipedes, you may recognize that such type of insect indeed has body segments. What you need to realize is that each of the body segment has each pair of legs. This has become common knowledge for any people indeed.

Centipedes Facts 4: predator

You need to know as well that any centipedes are predator. In fact, they are hunters. Their preys are insects, annelids, even for any other centipedes. Bigger centipedes sometimes may hunt for frogs and also small birds actually.

Centipedes fact

Centipedes fact

Centipedes Facts 5: life span

You need to understand the fact that centipedes have certain lifespan approximately for 2 or 3 years. The fact is that some of centipedes have certain lifespan such as 5 years. This may become so much important for any people to notice indeed.

Centipedes Facts 6: legs’ regeneration

What you need to know more about centipedes is that they can conduct regeneration for any of their losing legs. In this case, you may notice that any short legs of centipedes are undergoing the regeneration process.

Centipedes facts

Centipedes facts

Centipedes Facts 7: caring

This kind of insect actually is good in taking care of their youngsters. Often, the mother may wrap the eggs in order to keep the warmth of the eggs actually.

Centipedes Facts 8:  abilities

Perhaps people may recognize that mostly of centipedes has the ability to move fast. Yet, the fact is that there are other centipedes which are built to burrow. Each of species has different type of ability actually.

Centipedes Red

Centipedes Red

Centipedes Facts 9: development of leg pairs

You may recognize that centipedes may gain the development of leg pairs as they may grow up. It means mostly of the centipedes may indeed gain more leg pairs as they reach adulthood. This may become your perfect consideration to understand centipedes.

Centipedes Facts 10: dehydration

You need to understand about in how any centipedes may prone to dehydration. This kind of weakness indeed may lead more centipedes in suffering from death.



Learning about insect may always become interesting thing to do for any people. In this case, facts about Centipedes may help people to understand better about such insect.

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