10 Interesting Martial Art Facts

Thursday, July 10th 2014. | Sports

Read Martial Art Facts if you want to the sport which can make you defend the enemies. Many people are interested to learn martial art because you can fight others who want to bother you physically. Do you know that 85 percent of the martial artists in United States are less than 13 years old? If you want to be a good martial artist, you need to begin working on it since you were kids. Here are facts about martial arts for you:

Martial Art Facts 1: Naoko Ohmuro

The shortest pro fighter on record is Naoko Ohmuro. He has the height of 4’9?.

Martial Art Facts 2: tonfa

Let’s guess the stick with handles that people use when they perform martial art. It calls tonfa.

Martial Art China

Martial Art China

Martial Art Facts 3: Bruce Lee

One of the most famous martial art icons is Bruce Lee. Before he died when he worked on a movie called Game of Death. Bruce Lee had a martial art style that made him famous. It was called jeet kune do. Many of his fans imitate his style.

Martial Art Facts 4: samurai

If we talk about the Japanese culture, you recognize samurai who had great ability in fighting. The samurai code of honor is called as Bushido.

Martial Art Facts

Martial Art Facts

Martial Art Facts 5: types of martial arts

There are many types of martial arts. You can learn judo, karate, jujitsu, taekwondo or even aikido.

Martial Art Facts 6: styles of martial art

If you study judo, you need to know that it is a style of jujitsu. Aikido is from aiki jitsu. Read judo facts here.

Martial Art Pic

Martial Art Pic

Martial Art Facts 7: ‘karate’

Another popular type of martial art is karate. The original meaning of karate is china hand. But the meaning is changed by the Japanese people into empty hand.

Martial Art Facts 8: Wing Chun

The original style of martial art that Bruce Lee learned is called Wing Chun. Many people believe that this Wing Chun style was invented by a woman.

Martial Art Training

Martial Art Training

Martial Art Facts 9: Ed Parker

Ed Parker is called as the father of American Kenpo.  When he was in Hawaii, he learned the traditional Kenpo. Then he developed the traditional kenpo into an effective self defense. He used kenpo to train the police officer.

Martial Art Facts 10: ancient Greek Martial art

Pankration is the ancient Greek martial art. If you think that only oriental countries such as China, Japan and Korea which have martial arts, you are wrong. Pankration is a type of ancient wrestling from Greece.

Martial Art

Martial Art

Jhoon Rhee is called as the father of the American taekwondo. In 1950s, he was called as the first Korean master to present the art to US. Do you want to comment on facts about martial art?

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