10 Interesting Swimming Facts

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One of the interesting sports in the world is explained on Swimming Facts. It can be a sport activity or a leisure activity. You can do it in a team or individual. In the Olympic Games, it is considered as one of the most popular sports. There are various events held for swimming such as butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Here are other interesting facts about swimming to note:

Swimming Facts 1: swimming in the past

Swimming is not a modern activity.  Actually it was dated back around 10,000 years ago during Stone Age. In the prehistoric time, it had been used as a recreational activity.

Swimming Facts 2: the earliest reference

Swimming has been known since 2000 BC since you can check it from the earliest literature. It had been cited in Beowulf, Bible, Odyssey and Iliad.

Swimming Facts

Swimming Facts

Swimming Facts 3: the first swimming book

Do you know the writer of the first swimming book? He was Nikolaus Wynmann. This man was a German professor of languages who wrote the book in 1538. The title of the book was Der Schwimmer oder ein Zweigespräch über die Schwimmkunst or The Swimmer or A Dialogue on the Art of Swimming.

Swimming Facts 4: the recreational activity

In 1830s, swimming was a competitive recreational activity in England. St George’s Baths was considered as the first public indoor swimming pool in 1828.

Swimming Picture

Swimming Picture

Swimming Facts 5: the popularity

Swimming is very popular in the world. There were 6 artificial swimming pools established in London by 1837.

Swimming Facts 6: the first national governing body

The first national governing body of swimming was Amateur Swimming Association.  Actually there were around 300 regional swimming clubs which had been established in the area due to the growing popularity.

Swimming Pic

Swimming Pic

Swimming Facts 7: the first modern Olympic Games

In 1896, the men’s swimming was included as a sport in the modern Olympic Games. In 1912, the women’s swimming was included in the Olympic Games. Check skydiving facts here.

Swimming Facts 8: butterfly style

In 1930s, the butterfly style was developed. Actually it was included as a variant of breaststroke style. In 1952, it was called as a separate style of swimming.

Facts about Swimming

Facts about Swimming

Swimming Facts 9: the competitive swimming

In 19th century, the popularity of competitive swimming grew.  During the competition, the swimmers will like to beat the world’s record with the fastest speed. Get facts about surfing here.

Swimming Facts 10: Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is an Olympic gold medalist. He is a very famous swimmer in the world. He also takes several world records.

Swimming Image

Swimming Image

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