10 Interesting Japanese Culture Facts

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014. | Culture

Let me show you Japanese culture facts in the following post below. Japanese culture is interesting to learn. You can find out about the life style, dance and song of Japanese people here. The food that people eat in the country is also famous around the world. The most popular food in the country is the raw meat horse. Here are other facts about Japanese culture:

Japanese Culture Facts 1: crowded railway

The Japanese people decide to use the railway as the main transportation in the country. Since the trains are always crowded, the staffs need to push the passengers so that they can come inside.

Japanese Culture Facts 2: Christmas

The celebration of Christmas in Japan is very different with the celebration of Christmas in other countries. The couple here celebrates it as if this holiday was Valentine’s Day. That’s why people consider it as a lover’s day.

japanese culture

Japanese culture

Japanese Culture Facts 3: written English

There is no need wonder about the poorly written English when you come here. You can find the wrong spelling on the fashion items such as t-shirt, cap and hat.

Japanese Culture Facts 4: mountain

Japan is located in the Pacific Ring Of Fire. This country is a home to more than 200 volcanoes. The highest one is Mount Fuji.

japanese culture facts

japanese culture facts

Japanese Culture Facts 5: religion

The Japanese people do not consider much about their religion. May of them cannot differentiate Buddhism and Shintoism.

Japanese Culture Facts 6: Yubari melon

Yubari melon is considered as the perfect nice musk melon from Japan. The price of this melon can reach $300.

japanese culture Kimono

japanese culture Kimono

Japanese Culture Facts 7: language

Learning the Japanese language is not easy because people need to learn the different system of writing. There are four types of wiring system here. Those are Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji.

Japanese Culture Facts 8: coffee

Even though drinking tea is part of Japanese culture, people love to drink coffee too.  85 percent of the coffee production in Jamaica is sold to Japan.

japanese culture Sumo

japanese culture Sumo

Japanese Culture Facts 9: literacy rate

It seems that education is very important in Japan.  That’s why the literacy rate of this country is almost 100 percent.

Japanese Culture Facts 10: sport

All of us know that the most popular sport in Japan is baseball. But sumo is considered as the national sport in Japan.

japanese culture Tea

japanese culture Tea

When you go to Japan, you can see vending machines spread all over the city. You can buy cigarettes and canned coffee here. Are you interested with facts about Japanese culture?

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