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Find out the information about the Australia sport stadium on The MCG Facts. MCG stands for Melbourne Cricket Ground. Some people often call it as the G. The Melbourne Cricket Club is housed in this stadium. The location is in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In the country, it takes the record as the largest stadium. In the world, it is placed at the 10th largest stadium. Let’s check other interesting facts about the MCG below:

The MCG Facts 1: other records of the MCG

The stadium also earns other various records such as the largest cricket ground by capacity and the largest stadium in Southern Hemisphere. Compared to other sporting venue, it earns the record as the stadium with the tallest light towers. Find facts about NFL here.

The MCG Facts 2: how to reach MCG

You can reach the stadium from the city center because it is still located inside the walking distance of the area. There are two stations which serve for MCG. Both are the Jolimonth Railway station and Richmond railway station.

The MCG Facts

The MCG Facts

The MCG Facts 3: the renewal

There has been a constant renewal in MCG since 1853. There were various events which used MCG as the centerpiece stadium such as 1992 and 2015 Cricket World Cups, the 2006 Commonwealth Games and 1956 Summer Olympics.

The MCG Facts 4: the international cricket development

MCG contributed to the development of international cricket. The stadium was used to host the first One Day International as well as Test Match.

The MCG Pictures

The MCG Pictures

The MCG Facts 5: the most popular event

The most popular event performed in MCG was the yearly Boxing Day Test. During the winter season, there will be AFL matches conducted in the stadium.

The MCG Facts 6: other sporting events

There are many other sporting events conducted in MCG. Those include the international rugby union matches, the international rules football matches between Australia and Ireland, international friendly matches, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and Rugby League. Look at facts about baseball here.

The MCG Stadium

The MCG Stadium

The MCG Facts 7: the cultural events and concerts

The MCG also host different kinds of cultural events and concerts due to the large capacity of the stadium.

The MCG Facts 8: a Billy Graham evangelistic crusade

In 1959, a Billy Graham evangelistic crusade was performed in MCG where 130,000 spectators were in the stadium.



The MCG Facts 9: the capacity of MCG

The total capacity of MCG is 100,024. It consists of 5,000 standing room capacity and 95,000 seating capacity.

The MCG Facts 10: the scoreboard

The first full color video scoreboard in Australia was housed in MCG.

The MCG Image

The MCG Image

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