10 Interesting Under Armour Facts

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Let me show you the details about the notable American sports clothing and accessories company on Under Armour Facts. In 2006, the company started to sell footwear added to the original products of the casual apparel and sportswear. The Under Armour Inc., is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It also has other corporate office locations in various cities of United States and Canada such as in Toronto, Nashville, Portland, New York, Denver, Houston and Austin.

Under Armour Facts 1: the international headquarters

Under Armour also has international headquarters. Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium features the European headquarter of Under Armour. It also has an office in Munich, Germany. Others are located in Mexico City, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Panama City.

Under Armour Facts 2: the offices in Asia Pacific

The offices of Under Armour are housed in some Asia Pacific regions such as in Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Jakarta, Indonesia, and Guangzhou, China. Get facts about the Undertaker here.

Under Armour Pic

Under Armour Pic

Under Armour Facts 3: the product lines

Under Armour, has various product lines. In the apparel industry, their StreetGear, AllseasonGear and TurfGear are popular. The Women’s Performance Gear product line was launched in the market in 2003. Check facts about the Olympic Rings here.

Under Armour Facts 4: the recent launch

In 2013, Infrared was launched in the market. It is a new product line added in ColdGear product line.

Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour Facts 5: Under Armour Scent Control

Under Armour Scent Control was released in 2012. The company claims that the new products feature the scent control technology. Therefore, it is hard for the other people to detect the scent of the wearer.

Under Armour Facts 6: Coldblack

Coldblack is a new shirt produced by Under Armour. It keeps the wearer cool under the sun for it reflects the heat.

Facts about Under Armour Company

Facts about Under Armour Company

Under Armour Facts 7: the football uniforms

The football uniforms are also produced by the company. The Wounded Warrior was a project released by the company in 2012.

Under Armour Facts 8: the Speedform shoe

Another unique product from the company is the Speedform shoe. It has little stitching with no insole.

Under Armour Company

Under Armour Company

Under Armour Facts 9: the popularity of shoes

The sales of shoes reached $239 million in 2012. It is considered as the fastest growing product line from the company.

Under Armour Facts 10: the sales and revenue

The net revenues of Under Armour in 2014 were represented by 74.3 percent for the apparel sales, 14 percent for the footwear sales, and 9.9 percent for the accessories.

Under Armour Facts

Under Armour Facts

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