10 Interesting Ski Jumping Facts

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If you want to know the type of Nordic skiing, you have to look at Ski Jumping Facts.  The ski jumping competition is followed by various athletes all over the world. You can see how the athletes have a takeoff ramp from the inrun. Then they will jump as far as possible along the slope of the hill. Get more interesting facts about ski jumping by reading the following post below:

Ski Jumping Facts 1: the competition and points

There are five judges who will give the points for the athlete of ski jumping.  They give the points based on the style and distance.

Ski Jumping Facts 2: the FIS

The FIS is the International Ski Federation which sanctioned the competition of ski jumping.

Ski Jumping Facts

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping Facts 3: the athletes

If you want to call the athletes of ski jumping, you just have to call them the ski jumpers.  This sport is very popular during the winner season. There is no need to wonder that in 1924, it was included in Winter Olympic Games.

Ski Jumping Facts 4: the ski

The ski that the ski jumper uses in the competition is very different from the ski for the alpine skiing or country cross skiing. It is made in longer and wider design to ensure that the skier can jump and glide in a very long distance.

Ski Jumping Image

Ski Jumping Image

Ski Jumping Facts 5: the winter and summer

If you think that ski jumping can only be performed during the winter season, you are wrong. You can perform this activity during the summer season on the artificial surface made of plastic. It can accommodate the summer ski jumping activity.

Ski Jumping Facts 6: the Nordic disciplines

Ski jumping is included in Nordic disciplines, not in Alpine skiing discipline. The Nordic disciplines include ski jumping and cross country skiing.

Ski Jumping Pic

Ski Jumping Pic

Ski Jumping Facts 7: the high level of ski jumping sport

If you think that you are a capable ski jumper, you have to participate on the high level of this sport. It is the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Get facts about ski here.

Ski Jumping Facts 8: the three types of hills

There are three types of hills in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Those include the Normal Hill, Large Hill, and Ski Flying Hill.

Ski Jumping Olympics

Ski Jumping Olympics

Ski Jumping Facts 9: women and ski jumping

Women participated in world cup level of ski jumping in 2011-2012 World Cup Season. Find out another sport in sailing facts.

Ski Jumping Facts 10: the factors of scoring

The scoring is determined by the inrun length, distance, wind condition and style.

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping

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