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The Olympic Flag Facts tell the readers about the official flag selected by the International Olympic Committee during the Olympic Games. Besides the flag, the event is also symbolized by the theme, fanfare and flame. In 1914, Pierre de Coubertin created the Olympic flag. When you view the picture of the Olympic Flag, you will spot five interlaced rings at the center of the white background. Each ring represents different colors of blue, yellow, black, green and red. Here is other useful information of the Olympic Flag to note:

The Olympic Flag Facts 1: the symbolic design

The Olympic flag features the symbolic design for each ring is used to represent each continent in the world. Olympism unites the continent. All the national flags of the world at the time are represented by the six colours.

The Olympic Flag Facts 2: the specific Olympic flags

The cities which host the Olympic Games usually have their own specific Olympic flag.

the olympic flag facts

the olympic flag facts

The Olympic Flag Facts 3: the Antwerp Ceremony

The Antwerp Ceremony is the considered as the closing ceremony of Olympic Games. The mayor of the host city will pass the flag to the next host city. The flag will be displayed at the city hall.

The Olympic Flag Facts 4: the larger Olympic flags

The flag from one host city to another city is totally different from the large Olympic flags. The large one will be displayed over the host stadium for each game. Then it will retire.

the olympic flag images

the olympic flag images

The Olympic Flag Facts 5: the flags over the stadiums

The flags located over the stadiums are not easy to differentiate with other flags due to the non specific purpose. But each ring on the flags has lack of white outlines.

The Olympic Flag Facts 6: the first Olympic flag

During the Summer Olympics in 1920, the first Olympic flag was shown in Antwerp, Belgium. A new Olympic flag should be made for the next Summer Olympics in Paris in 1924 due to the loss of the flag at the end of the Olympic Games in 1920. The IOC called the replacement flag as the Antwerp Flag.

the olympic flag pattern

the olympic flag pattern

The Olympic Flag Facts 7: what happened to the original Olympic Flag?

The first Olympic flag was stolen by team-mate Duke Kahanamoku. The flag was returned to IOC. There was a special ceremony held to commemorate the return of the flag during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

The Olympic Flag Facts 8: the display of the original flag

If you are interested to view the original flag, you can check it at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Check facts about the Olympics 2016 here.

the olympic flag pictures

the olympic flag pictures

The Olympic Flag Facts 9: the Oslo Flag

During the 1952 Winter Olympics, the mayor of Oslo, Norway presented the Oslo Flag to IOC.

The Olympic Flag Facts 10: the Seoul Flag

1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul Flag was presented to IOC. Check facts about Cricket World Cup here.

the olympic flag

the olympic flag

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