10 Interesting Japan Facts

Monday, April 21st 2014. | Countries

It will be amusing for us to talk about Japan facts. Japan is very cultured and modern. You can find that Japanese people are clever and smart. They make breakthrough in the art of technology and science. There are many ideas about Japanese culture that people are curios such as Ikebana, samurai, Kimono and many more. Find out those ideas in the post below:

Japan Facts 1: Asia

Japan is located in Asian continent. To the west area, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. In the east side, you can see the Sea of Japan.

Japan Facts 2: name

People call this country Japan. In Japanese word, Japan is Nippon or Nihon. In English, it means sun origin. Probably it has something to do with the god of sun.



Japan Facts 3: island

Japan is a small country but it consists of 6,852 islands. You can visit the fascinating islands in Japan to know the different landscape.

Japan Facts 4: Fuji Mountain

When talking about the mountain in Japan, people always talk about Fuji Mountain. It is considered as the highest point in Japan. The elevation of Fuji Mountain is around 12,388 feet or 3,776 meters.

Japan Cherry

Japan Cherry

Japan Facts 5: Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It is also considered as the largest city in the country. Many people live here due to the great education and opportunities to get jobs.  Other big cities in Japan are Sapporo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Japan Facts 6: population

Let’s talk about the population in Japan. This country is the home to 127,368,088 people based on the data taken in July 2012.

Japan City

Japan City

Japan Facts 7: Japanese language

Do you know that the official language in Japan is Japanese language? This language is not easy to learn because you have to know the way to write it in Japanese letter.

Japan Facts 8: Pacific Ring of Fire

There is no need to wonder if Japan experiences many earthquakes. The country is also a home to various volcanoes. It is due to the fact that Japan is located along the pacific ring of fire.

Japan facts

Japan facts

Japan Facts 9: topography

Talking about the topography of Japan, you can find a lot of mountains and forests here. That’s why it is so difficult for the people to transform the land into residential or even industry area.

Japan Facts 10: Samurai

Samurai is the ancient warrior of Japan.  The samurai has good skill when fighting others. They always use a sharp sword called Katana.

Japan Pic

Japan Pic

The technology is very innovative in Japan. This country is considered as the leader in the robotic world. You can find some famous companies in machine world such as Panasonic, Sharp, Nintendo, Toshiba, Honda, and Toyota here. Are you fascinated with facts about Japan?

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