10 Interesting Sulfuric Acid Facts

Tuesday, November 10th 2015. | Science

Sulfuric Acid Facts present the interesting information about the highly corrosive strong mineral acid. This acid is soluble in the water. It has the colorless to yellowish color. In most cases, the acid is dyed in dark brown color to remind the people that it is a hazardous material. It has the molecular weight at 98.079 g/mol. The formula of sulfuric acid is H2SO4. Here are other interesting facts about sulfuric acid for you:

Sulfuric Acid Facts 1: the acidic nature

The acidic nature of sulfuric acid is very strong. Therefore, it is highly corrosive. It can damage the stone, living tissues or even metals. The concentration of this acid determines the properties. If it has great concentration, it has the strong oxidizing and dehydrating properties. Get facts about acids here.

Sulfuric Acid Facts 2: the high concentration of sulfuric acid

You have to be careful with the high concentration of sulfuric acid. If you have contact with it, it can cause severe damage. It can make people blind if the sulfuric acid has contact with eyes.

Facts about Sulfuric Acid

Facts about Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Facts 3: how to handle sulfuric acid

When you want to handle sulfuric acid, you have to be careful since it can cause damages if you have direct contact.

Sulfuric Acid Facts 4: the applications of sulfuric acid

Let’s find out the application about sulfuric acid. It is mainly used as cleaning agents. The lead acid batteries are cleaned using the acidic drain cleaner electrolyte made of sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Facts 5: the methods for producing the sulfuric acid

There are various methods conducted to produce the sulfuric acid. The people can pick the wet sulfuric acid process or the contact process.

Sulfuric Acid Facts 6: the sulfuric acid in the chemical industries

In the chemical industries, the sulfuric acid is used for various processes. It involves the uses for the chemical synthesis, mineral processing, wastewater processing, fertilizer manufacturing and oil refining. Check sulfur facts here.

Sulfuric Acid Cleaner

Sulfuric Acid Cleaner

Sulfuric Acid Facts 7: the production of sulfuric acid in the world

Based on the report in 2004, there were around 180 million tonnes of sulfuric acid produced in the world.

Sulfuric Acid Facts 8: the main usage of sulfuric acid in the world

The primacy usage of sulfuric acid is for producing the fertilizer such as the ammonium sulfates, ammonium phosphate and superphosphates.

Sulfuric Acid Facts

Sulfuric Acid Facts

Sulfuric Acid Facts 9: the chemical industries

The chemical industries take around 20 percent of the global production of sulfuric acid. It is used to create petroleum catalyst, pharmaceutical, synthetic resins, detergents, antifreeze, insecticides and dyestuffs.

Sulfuric Acid Facts 10: other uses

The sulfuric acid can be used to produce pigments for printing inks, paint, paper and coated fabrics. It occupies 6 percent of the global sulfuric acid production.

Sulfuric Acid Reaction

Sulfuric Acid Reaction

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