10 Interesting Acids Facts

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. | Science

Acids facts below can answer many questions for those who love with chemical ingredients. Acid is very powerful because it can dissolve metals. Acid has different names based on its term. You can call it as lactic if you want to call the acid produced from the fermentation of yogurt.

Acids Facts 1: Aqua regia

Can you tell me the name for the powerful acid? It is called Aqua regia. The acid is so powerful because it can dissolve gold. The name of this acid was derived from the Latin word. It means royal water.

Acids Facts 2: Aqua regia composition

When people want to make aqua regia, what they will do is combining one part of concentrated nitric acid and three parts of concentrated hydrochloric acid. There is no need to wonder if this acid can dissolve platinum and gold.



Acids Facts 3: sulphuric acid

Another type of acid that you need to know is sulphuric acid. This type of acid can be seen in many kinds of all car batteries. Many people call it as oil of vitriol. You need to be careful with this acid because it is highly corrosive.

Acids Facts 4: ammonia

Ammonia is the main material that people use to create fertilizer, TNT and urea. It is in the form of gas. Habers Process is used to generate ammonia.



Acids Facts 5: ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is a term used to call the chemical name of vitamin C. You can eat lemon and orange if you do not want to face any vitamin C deficiency.  You will face a disease called scurvy if you have no vitamin C in the body.

Acids Facts 6: carbonic acid

Carbonic acid is the type of acid to make a soft drink. Without this ingredient, you cannot see any fizzing sound on the soft drink.

Acids Facts

Acids Facts

Acids Facts 7: antacids

Antacids contain magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide.  Your stomach will be relaxed after you consume antacid if you experience acidity.

Acids Facts 8: Alkali

Alkali is a base which will dissolve in the water. People should refer it to alkali if it is not soluble.

Acids on drink

Acids on drink

Acids Facts 9: Silver

Silver is considered as an unreactive metal. It will never react with dilute sulphuric acid

Acids Facts 10: Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid can react with aluminum.  Both can form a squeaky pop.

acids derivatives

acids derivatives

Do you know the range of pH of acid?  It is less than 7. When people want to determine if a certain thing is acid or note, they can look at the pH. Do you have any question on facts about acid?

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