10 Interesting Nitrogen Facts

Sunday, August 31st 2014. | Science

Those who love to study science should read Nitrogen Facts. Nitrogen is one of the important elements in the world. People often use it in dynamite, fertilizer, car racing and medical anesthetic.  You can read the following post if you want to know the amount of the element and usage of the nitrogen.

Nitrogen Facts 1: the atomic number

Nitrogen has the atomic number of 7.  It is symbolized with N on the periodic table.

Nitrogen Facts 2: characteristics

Nitrogen is called as tasteless, odorless and colorless gas when it comes in normal condition. The air that you breathe contains 78 percent of nitrogen.

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Facts 3: source of nitrogen

You can find nitrogen in all living things which include plants, animal and human beings.

Nitrogen Facts 4: Titan

The largest moon of Saturn is Titan. Do you know that 98 percent of the atmosphere on Titan contains nitrogen? Titan is also called as the only moon in the solar system which has a dense atmosphere. Get facts about Planet Saturn here.

Nitrogen Element

Nitrogen Element

Nitrogen Facts 5: fresh food

The food industries use a lot of the nitrogen gas. It can be used to store food and keep the food fresh in a long period of time.  The electronic industries also use nitrogen gas for useful application, and producing electronic parts.

Nitrogen Facts 6: storing beer

Storing beer in pressurized kegs can be done not only using carbon dioxide. It can be used by using nitrogen gas. Some types of beers prefer the smaller bubbles.

Nitrogen Facts

Nitrogen Facts

Nitrogen Facts 7: Nitrous oxide

Even though nitrogen is very helpful in some fields such as in the electronic and food industry, the compound, Nitrous oxide is one of the air pollutants and greenhouses gasses. It gives negative impact than carbon dioxide.

Nitrogen Facts 8: benefits of Nitrous oxide

Even though Nitrous oxide is an air pollutant, people often use in motor racing. It can enhance the speed of the machine and the power of the car.

Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen Facts 9: reducing pain

In the medical health, nitrous oxide is very important. It can be used to decrease the pain when people are in dental clinic or hospital. This laughing gas can function as an anesthetic.

Nitrogen Facts 10: dynamite

Nitrogen can be dangerous too. It can carry explosive effect in the form of Nitroglycerin. This liquid is often used to create dynamite.

Nitrogen Picture

Nitrogen Picture

Nitrogen is nonmetal material. It is also used in fertilizer in the form of Nitric acid and ammonia. Do you want to give opinion on facts about nitrogen?

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