10 Interesting Wormhole Facts

Monday, June 5th 2017. | Science

Have you ever read about Wormhole Facts? The following post below will tell you more about it. A wormhole is considered important in the scientific field for it gives the people a solution for Einstein field equations. The separate points in space-time are linked with this non-trivial structure. The consistency takes place between the general theory of relativity and wormhole connections. However, people are still hypothetical related to the existence of wormhole. Let us get other unique facts about to notice:

Wormhole Facts 1: the connection

The connection of a wormhole may extend in a very long distance. It may cover different universes or even different points of time.

Wormhole Facts 2: Hermann Weyl

The wormhole of matter was proposed by Hermann Weyl in 1921. However, he did not use the word wormhole to define it. He explained as one-dimensional tubes.

Wormhole Image

Wormhole Image

Wormhole Facts 3: who coined the term wormhole?

The term wormhole was coined by John Archibald Wheeler. He was a theoretical physicist from America. He talked about wormhole in a paper published in 1957. Charles Misner was his co-author in the paper. Look at facts about xenon here.

Wormhole Facts 4: the modern view of wormhole

Wormhole is not only spoken in physics. People who study topology and geometrics also talk about it today.

Wormhole Facts

Wormhole Facts

Wormhole Facts 5: general relativity theory

Wormhole is included in the valid solution of general relativity theory. Therefore, the idea about wormhole is always associated with their equations of the theory.

Wormhole Facts 6: the Schwarzschild wormhole

The Schwarzschild wormhole is considered as the first discovery of wormhole solution. The eternal black hole is defined in Schwarzschild metric.



Wormhole Facts 7: traversable wormholes

Another type of wormhole is traversable wormholes, which can cross in both directions. Check facts about the Metric System here.

Wormhole Facts 8: Lorentzian wormholes

Hendrik Lorentz’s name is used to call Hendrik Lorentz. People also call it Einstein–Rosen bridges or Schwarzschild wormholes.



Wormhole Facts 9: Ludwig Flamm

In 1916, Ludwig Flamm discovered Einstein–Rosen Bridge. It was a couple months after the publication of Schwarzschild with his solution. In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen published their result. A paper, which described the unstable wormhole, was published by John A. Wheeler and Robert W. Fuller in 1962.

Wormhole Facts 10: stabilizing a traversable wormhole

A traversable wormhole probably can be stabilized according to many physicists like Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking by having Casimir effect.

Facts about Wormhole

Facts about Wormhole

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