10 Interesting Sulfur Facts

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The chemical element with the symbol S is explained on Sulfur Facts. It is a non metal element with the atomic number 16.  The chemical formula of sulfur atom is S8 when it forms cyclic octatomic molecules. When the sulfur is kept at the room temperature, it has solid texture with bright yellow color. This element can have reaction with other elements. But it will never react with noble gasses and nitrogen. Here are other interesting facts about sulfur for you:

Sulfur Facts 1: the elemental sulfur

Sulfur can be seen in its elemental form. It can form sulfate minerals or even sulfide. The native sulfur is considered as the naturally occurred elemental sulfur. Get facts about sodium here.

Sulfur Facts 2: sulfur in the ancient time

Sulfur has been known by the people since the ancient time. In the Bible, sulfur is called as brimstone. The ancient civilization in China, Egypt, India and Greece had already known sulfur.

Sulfur Color

Sulfur Color

Sulfur Facts 3: the today’s production of sulfur

The production of sulfur today is taken from the petroleum and natural gas. It is considered as the byproduct that should be eliminated from the petroleum and natural gas.

Sulfur Facts 4: the commercial usage

Sulfur is one of the commercial products in the world. It has been used for various purposes. It can be used to generate the sulfate and phosphate fertilizer after sulfur is made into sulfuric acid. The plants can grow well if they get sufficient amount of phosphorus and sulfur.

Sulfur Facts

Sulfur Facts

Sulfur Facts 5: other uses of sulfur

Can you mention other uses of sulfur? It can be used for fungicides, insecticides and matches.

Sulfur Facts 6: sulfur in ancient China

The ancient people in China had already known sulfur in 6th century BC. They called it shiliuhuang. It was the natural form of sulfur. Then the Chinese people began to extract pyrite to get the sulfur.

Sulfur Pic

Sulfur Pic

Sulfur Facts 7: the black gunpowder

Sulfur has been long used as the ingredient to form the black gunpowder. It was made by mixing sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate.

Sulfur Facts 8: the skin treatment

Sulfur was used for skin treatment traditionally. At that time, the people used the sulfur in cream to cure various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, ringworm, scabies and psoriasis.

Sulfur Powder

Sulfur Powder

Sulfur Facts 9: Antoine Lavoisier

The person who had convinced the scientific community that sulfur was not a compound, but an element was Antoine Lavoisier. Find facts about silicon here.

Sulfur Facts 10: the discovery of sulfur in United States

The deposits of sulfur were found in Texas and Louisiana in 1867.



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