10 Interesting Plasma Facts

Monday, October 27th 2014. | Science

Plasma Facts show you the interesting property in GasPlas technology. The atoms inside the ionized gas are stripped on the electrons and create a bond. You can separate the hydrogen and carbons atoms when you ionize natural gas such as methane using a microwave. Check out more interesting facts about plasma below:

Plasma Facts 1: electromagnetic field

The one which can change the particles of plasma is the electromagnetic field. The energy distribution between the ion inside the plasma as well as the degree of ionization affects the way people classify the plasma.

Plasma Facts 2: thermal plasma

One kind of plasma that you have to learn is thermal plasma.  The negative and positive charged ion is distributed on the thermal energy evenly.

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

Plasma Facts 3: non-equilibrium plasma

If the electrons and atoms inside the thermal energy are not distributed evenly, you can call it as non-equilibrium plasma.

Plasma Facts 4: Microwave plasmas

One example of the non equilibrium plasma is the microwave plasma. To de-ionize the glass molecules, the microwaves will interact with them. There is a scale to know the level of the non equilibrium in the plasma. One of the parameter to control the level of non equilibrium is by using the gas pressure.

Plasma Facts

Plasma Facts

Plasma Facts 5: cold plasma

Another type of non equilibrium plasma is cold plasma.  The scientists put this cold plasma in the non equilibrium list because the percentage of ionized molecules is very low. The atom temperature is very low, while the electron temperature in cold plasma is very high.

Plasma Facts 6: it is gas?

If you think that plasma is a gas, you are so wrong. Plasma is like a gas, but it is not a gas because the atoms inside the plasma are different than those of the gas. Plasma is not a water too. Get facts about water here.

Plasma Pic

Plasma Pic

Plasma Facts 7: the composition of plasma

Plasma is composed from ions and free electrons.  One example of ions which can present in plasma is Ne or neon.

Plasma Facts 8: examples of plasma

It is not easy to find out the examples of plasma in our every life. When you walk around, it is easy to find the gas, liquid or solid matter. But plasma is not easy to find.  The examples of natural plasma include the ball lighting and northern lights.

Plasma Pictures

Plasma Pictures

Plasma Facts 9: neon plasma

You can find out the free electron when you check out neon plasma.

Plasma Facts 10: neon gas

The neon gas is very different with neon plasma because the electron is not free. They bound to nucleus.



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