10 Interesting Steel Facts

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Steel Facts tell you the information about the alloys of iron. It is often mixed with other elements such as carbon. The main function of steel is for construction building. The steel is very popular for application and construction due to the low cost as well as the high strength. The hardening agent is the carbon which makes the iron stronger. Carbon usually occupies 2.1 percent of the weight of steel.

Steel Facts 1: the popularity of steel

Steel is considered as a popular material since the 17th century. It was made into blister steel at first. Then it was made in crucible steel.

Steel Facts 2: the mass production of steel

The mass production of steel occurred in 19th century due to the invention of the Bessemer process. Steel is more affordable for people.

Steel and Tube

Steel and Tube

Steel Facts 3: the quality of steel

The quality of steel increased when people began to experiment with other steel making processes. People use the Siemens-Martin process and Gilchrist-Thomas process. Both are successful to refine the steel production. The wrought iron production was replaced by the mild steel production.

Steel Facts 4: BOS

Another process to create steel is BOS. It stands for basic oxygen steelmaking. It is one of the most popular steel productions due to the increased quality of steel as well as the lower production cost of steel.

Steel Pic

Steel Pic

Steel Facts 5: the production of steel

Since steel is a very popular material used by the people today, there is no need to wonder that the industries produce 1.3 billion tons of steel per year.

Steel Facts 6: the usage of steel

Steel is considered as the major item to create building, application and construction. You can find the steel used to create machines, automobiles, ships, tools, infrastructures, buildings, weapons, and appliances.

Steel Texture

Steel Texture

Steel Facts 7: the range of carbon content

As I have stated before steel is mixed with carbon. The content of carbon usually is ranging around 0.002 percent to 2.1 percent. Get facts about silver here.

Steel Facts 8: the value

The value of steel is determined by the alloying element in the steel. It can be tungsten, chromium, manganese, carbon, iron or nickel.



Steel Facts 9: the component of steels

The alloying elements to create steels include niobium, molybdenum, chromium, titanium, boron, cobalt, and vanadium. Silicon, sulfur or even phosphorus is often added in the steel.

Steel Facts 10: recycling

Steel is considered as one the most recycled materials in the world.  There are around 60 percent of steels recycled in the world. In 2008, more than 82,000,000 metric tons of steel were recycled in US. Get facts about silicon here.

Steel Facts

Steel Facts

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