10 Interesting Eubacteria Facts

Saturday, January 18th 2014. | Science

One of the most common organisms that people can found in the world is seen in Eubacteria facts. People also call this organism with the name true bacteria. You can see them in any kinds of surface. Find out about the Eubacteria facts in the following post below:

Eubacteria Facts 1: cell

Eubacteria is equipped with the prokaryotic cell. This cell is very unique because it doesn’t have a nucleus.

Eubacteria Facts 2: Eubacteria kingdom

Eubacteria kingdom is one of the size kingdoms that people can learn in the classification. The members of this kingdom are around 5000 species of Eubacteria.  In the future, the species will be increased due to the researches about Eubacteria.

Eubacteria facts

Eubacteria facts

Eubacteria Facts 3: class

In 1982, the experts found out the class of microorganism. The Eubacteria is included in the non living and living things.

Eubacteria Facts 4: the previous kingdom

Actually Eubacteria was included in the under the kingdom of Monera. Another member on this kingdom is Archaebacteria. Then the biologists create a new kingdom of Archaebacteria because both have different taxonomies.

Eubacteria Kingdom

Eubacteria Kingdom

Eubacteria Facts 5: phyla

There are three kinds of phyla which classify the Archaebacteria Eubacteria. Each phylum has different characteristics and features.

Eubacteria Facts 6: Cyanobacteria Phyla

Cyanobacteria Phyla has lack of flagella. This Eubacteria can generate their won food because it contains chlorophyll pigment.

Eubacteria Parts

Eubacteria Parts

Eubacteria Facts 7: Spirochetes Phyla

Spirochetes Phyla is defined based on the unique movement. These bacteria can move in a twisting motion. It has flagella which enable them to move. People should be careful with the bacteria since they can cause dangerous diseases.

Eubacteria Facts 8: Proteotic Bacteria Phyla

Proteotic Bacteria Phyla can move by gliding or by using their flagella. Some of the bacteria in the phyla are helpful to the life or human being. Other can be dangerous.

Eubacteria Shapes

Eubacteria Shapes

Eubacteria Facts 9: rod shaped bacteria

There are many shapes of bacteria. The rod shaped ones include Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Lactobacillus.

Eubacteria Facts 10: shapes of bacteria

This unicellular organism has different kinds of shapes. You can see the oval, spherical or even round in Sarcina, Streptococcus, and Micrococcus.



Triponema, Camphilovextor, and Vubrio come in comma and spiral shape. Do you have any comment on facts about Eubacteria?

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