10 Interesting Ruthenium Facts

Friday, April 17th 2015. | Science

Ruthenium Facts tell you about the white and hard element in platinum metal groups.  In the periodic table, it has the symbol Ru.  The atomic number of this item is 44. The discovery of Ruthenium was credited for Karl Ernst Claus in 1844. Ruthenium is considered as a rare element. Actually it is a transition metal. Let’s find out more facts about Ruthenium below:

Ruthenium Facts 1: the production of Ruthenium

As I have stated before, Ruthenium is a rare material. Every year, this element is only produced around 20 tons.

Ruthenium Facts 2: the common usage of Ruthenium

Ruthenium is often used to make the coating of wear resistance. It can be used in a corrosion resistance property if it is mixed with titanium. Sometimes, Ruthenium is also used in platinum alloys.

Ruthenium 44

Ruthenium 44

Ruthenium Facts 3: super conductor

Ruthenium is also functional for the industry. It can be used to produce the superconductor.  It can be alloyed with molybdenum to create a superconductor below 10 degree K.

Ruthenium Facts 4: the stable isotopes

Ruthenium has seven natural and stable isotopes. The most stable ruthenium has the half day life of 373 days. Most of them are less than five minutes. Under the normal temperature, this transition metal will never tarnish. You can find 34 radioisotopes of ruthenium.

Ruthenium Pic

Ruthenium Pic

Ruthenium Facts 5: the nuclear waste

Ruthenium can be produced from uranium-235. It is the nuclear waste.  This element can be extracted from mineral pentlandite and ores of other platinum group metals. It can be produced from the mining of nickel and copper.

Ruthenium Facts 6: the platinum ores

You can get ruthenium from the platinum ores. The amount of ruthenium which can be mined from the ores depends on the mining location. Find out radon facts here.

Ruthenium Element

Ruthenium Element

Ruthenium Facts 7: the hardening part

During the production of platinum and palladium alloys, ruthenium will be used to harden them. Therefore, the palladium and platinum alloys can be used to make the water resistance electrical contacts.

Ruthenium Facts 8: the cost of ruthenium

Even though ruthenium is rare, it is cheaper compared to rhodium. It can be a good alternative for the electric contacts. Get facts about Rhodium here.

Ruthenium Facts

Ruthenium Facts

Ruthenium Facts 9: the unique properties

Ruthenium has unique properties if you compare it with other elements.  The interesting properties that you can have include the high temperature ferromagnetism, exotic superconductivity and quantum critical point.

Ruthenium Facts 10: solar energy conversion

Ruthenium is also useful for solar energy conversion for it can absorb the light.



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