10 Interesting Polonium Facts

Saturday, November 8th 2014. | Science

Check the interesting Polonium Facts if you want to know of the radioactive element. This rare metalloid is called a semi mental radioactive. Polonium was associated with the death of Alexander Litvinenko. Some people speculate that this toxic element killed this former intelligence agent in November 2006.  Here are the interesting facts about polonium for you:

Polonium Facts 1: radioactive element

Polonium can be found on the environment at very low level. It can be used to generate a nuclear reactor. Check out more radioactive element in plutonium facts.

Polonium Facts 2: the toxic polonium

Polonium is very toxic. You have to be careful when you inhale or ingest it. Polonium-210 can eliminate the alpha particles. They can destroy the genetic material of cell.  But this element will never penetrate into the skin. It will be toxic to human being if you take it internally through the open wound, eat and breathe.

Polonium 84

Polonium 84

Polonium Facts 3: the discovery

Polonium was discovered in 1897 by Marie and Pierre Curie. It was called polonium by Marie Curie after his homeland, Poland.

Polonium Facts 4: the atomic number

You can check out the period table if you want to know the number or proton, electron and neutron. The atomic number of Polonium is 84. It has the symbol Po. It has many isotopes and all of them are the radioactive elements.

Polonium Element

Polonium Element

Polonium Facts 5: pure polonium

If you look out the color of polonium, you can check the sliver colored solid.

Polonium Facts 6: polonium in tobacco

When some scientists conduct a research of polonium in tobacco, they find out that it can produce cancer in the laboratory animals.

Polonium Facts

Polonium Facts

Polonium Facts 7: sample of pitchblende

Marie and Pierre curie conducted a research from a sample of pitchblende. They decide to remove uranium and thorium from the sample. Finally they find out that the element became to radioactive.

Polonium Facts 8: the first element

Polonium was called as the first element discovered by Marie Currie.

Polonium Pic

Polonium Pic

Polonium Facts 9: metal or metalloid?

Until this present day, people are still on a debate to decide whether polonium is a metalloid or a metal element.

Polonium Facts 10: Fat Man bomb

Fat Man bomb was used to explode Nagasaki in 1945.  The boom was created using polonium. There is no need to wonder that polonium was one of the important elements in Military projects. Find out nuclear energy facts here.

Polonium Radioactive

Polonium Radioactive

In 1940s, the first human experiment on polonium was conducted on the Manhattan projects. People can get polonium from uranium ore. Are you impressed with facts about polonium?

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