10 Interesting Zoology Facts

Wednesday, July 26th 2017. | Science

Zoology Facts tell you about a field of study which focuses on the study about animal kingdom.  A number of subjects to study in animal kingdom include their habit, classification, evolution, embryology and structure. The interaction of animals within the ecosystem and distribution of animals is studied in zoology too. Let us find out other interesting facts about zoology below:

Zoology Facts 1: cell biology

If you are interested to study about the physiology and structure of cells, you need to focus on cell biology. It will give you insights about the environment, interaction and behaviors of cells.

Zoology Facts 2: how to study cell biology

You can use microscope to study the cells about human being or even a singled celled animal. It is very important for the people to study cell since it sets all branches of biology.

zoology Facts

zoology Facts

Zoology Facts 3: Physiology

Physiology is also important in zoology. You will understand how the structures in an animal function by learning its biochemical, physical and mechanical processes. Get facts about virus here.

Zoology Facts 4: classification

The work of Carl Linnaeus plays an important in the development of modern biological classification.

zoology Pic

zoology Pic

Zoology Facts 5: Systema Naturae

Systema Naturae was published in 1735. It was written by Carl Linnaeus, which focused on the table for the animal kingdom.

Zoology Facts 6: the classifications

The classification has a number of divisions. The first one is the kingdom. It is followed by phylum, class, order and family.  The next one is genus. Species is the last one.

zoology Image

zoology Image

Zoology Facts 7: the scientific name

The genus and species make the biological name of a living organism.

Zoology Facts 8: branches of zoology

There are many branches of zoology. They include ethology, teratology, embryology, histology, physiology and anatomy. The German and British universities were the origins of modern zoology. The morphology of animals was explained by a British leading figure, Thomas Henry Huxley.  In the second half of 19th century, he appeared as the most notable comparative anatomist. Get facts about zoo here.



Zoology Facts 9: the sub-disciplines

Zoology is also divided in a number of sub-disciplines, which include invertebrate zoology, behavioral ecology, animal physiology, zoography, vertebrate zoology, comparative zoology and soil zoology. In some cases, people can choose an oriented discipline within zoology according to the intended species. If you want to study about mammals, you can focus on mammalogy.

Zoology Facts 10: related fields

The study of zoology is also linked with other related fields such as palaentology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, biogeography, and phylogeography.

Facts about zoology

Facts about zoology

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