10 Interesting Social Networking Facts

Thursday, August 27th 2015. | Technology

Social Networking Facts elaborate the detail information about the SNS or social networking sites.  This site enables the internet users to build the real life connections. They can meet the people with similar background, activities and interests. The main focus of this platform is to build social relation and social networks with other people. Let’s find out more facts about social networking below:

Social Networking Facts 1: the elements of social network service

There are several elements that you can find on the social network service such as profile, social link, photo albums and other extra service.

Social Networking Facts 2: the profile

The users can create a public profile that people can view. You have to give the information about your name, date of birth, place or birth, profession and statues. The users will be able to cross, share and view the connections.

Social Networking Facts

Social Networking Facts

Social Networking Facts 3: the web based site

Most social networking sites are made in web based design. Therefore, the internet users are allowed to interact with other application in the internet.

Social Networking Facts 4: the communication tools

The communication tools that the social networking has are various. It can feature blogging, photo sharing, video sharing and mobile connectivity. Get facts about social media here.

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Facts 5: sharing

When you access the social networking sites, you are allowed to share activities, events, posts, pictures, ideas, interests and hobbies.

Social Networking Facts 6: the social media users

In 2013, the largest growth of social media users in the world was located in India. It was reported that 73 percent of adults in United States used social networking sites in 2013.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Social Networking Facts 7: the American based social networking sites

Some of the popular American based social networking sites include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and Vine.

Social Networking Facts 8: other social networking sites in the world

In Austria, Soup is very popular, while Vkontakte is mostly accessed in Russia.

Facts about Social Media

Facts about Social Media

Social Networking Facts 9: social media and companies

The social media is often used by some companies to find out the behavior and personalities of the employees. The candidates of the employees are rejected by the companies because of their offensive comments and photos.

Social Networking Facts 10: the subject of research

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are used as the subject of various researches by the scientists. They study about the impacts about the social and private life of the people. It may involve with the youth culture, privacy and identity. Get facts about mobile phone here.

Social Media

Social Media

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