10 Interesting Gold Mining Facts

Wednesday, February 26th 2014. | Technology

Find out the operation of gold mining in the world by reading gold mining facts. Gold mining is one of the biggest industries in the world.  The mechanistic nature on the gold mining is very sophisticated. This previous metal has been recognized as a symbol of wealth since the ancient time. There is no need to wonder that gold mining is started since the past time. Find out the facts about gold mining below:

Gold Mining Facts 1 production

By having gold mining in various spots in the world, the production of gold mining is increased.  The waste of this gold is big.  In every ounce of gold, it produces 79 tons of waste.

Gold Mining Facts 2: jewelry

There are many kinds of jewelry that people can get from gold. More than 80 percent of gold that people produced from the gold mining is used for creating bracelet, ring or even necklace.

Gold Mining facts

Gold Mining facts

Gold Mining Facts 3: demand of gold

The demand of gold is very high from time to time. For the last 20 years, gold is used by most people as the investment.

Gold Mining Facts 4: Native lands

Gold mining is often located in the land of the indigenous people who want to live side by side with nature. Definitely the gold mining site that human being set on the native land makes it destroyed.  People do it because more than 50 percent of gold production is gained from the native land.

Gold Mining Operation

Gold Mining Operation

Gold Mining Facts 5: what is gold?

Gold has the yellow golden color. In the periodic system, it has the symbol Au with atomic number of 79. In Latin word, gold is called aurum.

Gold Mining Facts 6: acid

This gold is not easy to dissolve by using acid. The only acid which can dissolve gold is aqua regina. It is a combination of nitric and hydrochloric acids.

Gold Mining Pic

Gold Mining Pic

Gold Mining Facts 7: gold rush in Australia

The first gold rush in Australia occurred in 1851.  This event is very important to the life of the Australian people. It was firstly discovered in New South Wales.

Gold Mining Facts 8: gold discovery in Australia

The discovery of gold in Australia made the life of the people increased. The development of transportation, communication, inland town and foreign trade were great.

Gold Mining Track

Gold Mining Track

Gold Mining Facts 9: primary deposits

In Australia, there are some primary deposits of gold. You can see the gold mined at St Ives, Granny Smith, Super Pit, Gympie and Ravenswood, Mount Magnet, Stawell, Challenger, and Callie.

Gold Mining Facts 10: Gold resources in Australia

The first two countries which produce the biggest gold are South Africa and US. The third country is Australia.

Gold Mining

Gold Mining

The open cut mines are seen on the gold production in Australia. Underground mining is also seen here. Are you interested with facts about gold mining?

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