10 Interesting Underground Mining Facts

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Underground Mining Facts explain the details about the techniques of mining for the soft and hard mines. If it is applied for the soft rock, the techniques will be used to extract potash, oil shale and coal. The long wall mining is one of the techniques applied for the soft rock underground mining because it is applied on the less hard and layered wall. The other techniques are the room and pillar methods.

Underground Mining Facts 1: blast mining

An older technique used for underground mining is blast mining. The coal seam will be broken up by using explosives. The conveyors or shuttle cars will be used to gather and load the coal to transport to the loading area.

Underground Mining Facts 2: the short wall mining technique

Less than one percent of the deep coal production is conducted by using the short wall mining process. It implies a continuous mining machine.

Underground Mining 3D

Underground Mining 3D

Underground Mining Facts 3: the hard mineral

The hard minerals will be mined by using the hard rock underground mining process.

Underground Mining Facts 4: the objective of hard rock mining

The objective of hard rock mining is to take the metal materials like lead, nickel, copper, silver, iron, gold, and zinc.

Underground Mining Pic

Underground Mining Pic

Underground Mining Facts 5: how to access the underground ore

The inclined vertical shaft, adit and declines are often used to access the underground ore.

Underground Mining Facts 6: the main phases of underground mining

Underground mining has two primary phases. The first one is the development mining. It will be followed with production mining. Check facts about gold mining here.

Underground Mining Scheme

Underground Mining Scheme

Underground Mining Facts 7: what is the development mining?

The development mining should be performed first. It will give the miners access to the orebody by excavating the non-valuable rock. It usually comes in six steps.

Underground Mining Facts 8: the first step

The path, which gives access to go down to the orebody, should be made during the first step of development mining. It is called as decline. Get facts about mining here.

Underground Mining

Underground Mining

Underground Mining Facts 9: preparation before Decline

Before the decline is made, the miners should perform some preparations such as the drilling management, power facility preparation, or even making ventilation.

Underground Mining Facts 10: the production mining

There are two ways of production mining. Both are the long hole and short hole. The ore will feature two excavations in the long hole mining process. The explosives will be used to drill the holes.

Underground Mining Facts

Underground Mining Facts

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