10 Interesting Mobile Phone Facts

Sunday, August 3rd 2014. | Technology

Those who are interested to know about the history and technology of mobile phone should read Mobile Phone Facts.  If we look at the past, the person who suggested us to use the word hello when answering a telephone is Thomas Edison. Find out more facts about mobile phone in the following post below:

Mobile Phone Facts 1: button

Do you know that the original push button dials on the mobile phone only have 10 buttons? In 1968, the buttons of # and * were added.

Mobile Phone Facts 2: answering the phone

The credit of the phone inventor was taken by Alexander Graham Bell. This scientist suggested people to use the word Ahoy when answering the phone. But it seems that his word was not popular.

Mobile Phone Facts

Mobile Phone Facts

Mobile Phone Facts 3: hello

The word is hello is very popular. Most people in the world use it when they answer the phone. This word was introduced by Thomas Edison. The word sometimes is spelt as hullo and hallo. Check Thomas Edison facts here.

Mobile Phone Facts 4: Antonio Meucci

Antonio Meucci was an Italian American inventor. In 1871, he created a telephone. However, the credit of the first telephone did not go to him, but to Graham Bell since his telephone was very poor. He could not receive a patent.

Mobile Phone Nokia

Mobile Phone Nokia

Mobile Phone Facts 5: ‘Improvement in Telegraphy’

‘Improvement in Telegraphy’ is the title of Bell’s patent on telephone.

Mobile Phone Facts 6: gold and mobile gold

Today a mobile phone is designed and produced by using gold.   A tone of ore contains less gold compared to a ton of mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Pic

Mobile Phone Pic

Mobile Phone Facts 7: telephoning

Telephoning is very important in this present day. People can communicate easily with other people without having a face to face conversation. In UK, people spend at least 39 minutes every day on the phone.

Mobile Phone Facts 8: brands of mobiles phones

There are many brands of famous mobiles phones in the world. Some of them are Nokia, Samsung, LG, BB, Apple, Sony and many more.

Mobile Phone Pictures

Mobile Phone Pictures

Mobile Phone Facts 9: features

Today the features of mobile phones have been increased. You can pick the android one. It usually has a touch screen feature. The function of telephone is not only for telephoning or texting, but also for browsing, gaming and playing music.

Mobile Phone Facts 10: a charity auctions in Qatar

In 2007, people were surprised that a charity auction in Qatar sold mobile phone number 666 6666 in the price of £1.5million.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

The people in UK often take the mobile phone when they go to the bathroom. The recent survey supports this opinion by saying that more than 47 percent of mobile phone damages is because of dropping inside a toilet bowl. Are you interested with facts about mobile phone?