10 Interesting Fiber Optic Facts

Friday, January 24th 2014. | Technology

Fiber Optic facts are important for any people. Fiber optic is general for you to hear right? Yet, do you know about any facts related to the product? By reading the facts, you can gain both fun and knowledge about it.

Fiber Optic Facts 1: lightweight

First fact you need to know about fiber optic is that it is lightweight. It can be drawn and compressed thinner than other metal wirings. Therefore fiber optic is easy to transport, install and even to carry. Therefore, NASA has been used fiber optic within the space shuttles.

Fiber Optic Facts 2: secure

Fiber optic is well known as well for its security. You may recognize that any hackers gain difficulty in how to tap fiber optic. It is because of the complexity. The aspect of price may become the other reason why it is hard to hack.

Fiber Optic facts

Fiber Optic facts

Fiber Optic Facts 3: efficiency

Fiber optics is also efficient. It is better than copper wiring which may degrade the signal when transmitted. Fiber optics has lesser stations which mean better efficiency of transmission.

Fiber Optic Facts 4: weather safe

It is a fact that fiber optics is weather safe. The reason is because there is no electricity sent through the wiring. The weather change cannot disturb the signals of transmission. It is unlike the traditional wiring which will gain troubles in weather changes.

Fiber Optic pic

Fiber Optic pic

Fiber Optic Facts 5: binary

You need to know as well that fiber optics is binary. It means the data are binary. Therefore it is perfect to transmit digital data. The benefit is no disturbance or interference coming from multiple cables.

Fiber Optic Facts 6: the applications

Some of you perhaps have already seen in how fiber optics works for different application during Christmas. They work on trees and ornaments which can create different colors glowing.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Facts 7: internet enhancement

Fiber optics has the potential in how to boost internet quality. It can transfer data better in better speed. It can even boost the bandwidth and the overall performance of internet.

Fiber Optic Facts 8:  expensive

It is well known that fiber optics is very expensive. It is so much pricey in any different form. The priciest one is on the infrastructure installation.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Facts 9: Google

In fact, Google has already used fiber optics. They used fiber optics in advance actually.

Fiber Optic Facts 10: used in telecommunications

It is true that fiber optics have been used in telecommunications. Yet, nowadays it is start to change.

Fiber optic tips

Fiber optic tips

Those are facts about Fiber Optic. If you are not satisfied with the information, you can read more from internet or simply conduct review.

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