10 Interesting Nanotechnology Facts

Monday, August 18th 2014. | Technology

Nanotechnology Facts give you the interesting ideas about the technology in the world.  People will call you a nanotechnologist if you use, build or design functional system smaller than the size of DNA strand. Find out the facts about nanotechnology below:

Nanotechnology Facts 1: nanotech

Nanotech has been done for more the centuries ago. But many people are not aware about it. The instance can be seen on the stained glass window. Do you know that it was produced from the nano crystals used to cool and heat the glass?

Nanotechnology Facts 2: Nanoscale

The hazardous waste can be detoxified by using the metal, carbon fiber, and metal oxide.

Nanotechnology Facts

Nanotechnology Facts

Nanotechnology Facts 3: scale in nanotechnology

When we talk about nanotechnology, we should never forget about the scale and protection. You need to note on the transparency, color and melting point.

Nanotechnology Facts 4: usage of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has been used in various states such as petroleum, metals and solvents. There are hundreds of products such as food, sunscreens and cosmetics dumped with nano particles.

Nanotechnology Image

Nanotechnology Image

Nanotechnology Facts 5: nanomaterials

Based on the data in 2013, the manufactured products and goods infused with nonmaterial cost $1.6 trillion. But the usage of nano particles can be dangerous. They can penetrate cells and bloodstream, and damage lung and brain. Check brain facts here.

Nanotechnology Facts 6: a fluorescent nanoparticle

A fluorescent nanoparticle is very effective in the health sector.  The scientists in San Diego found out that the fluorescent nanoparticles can be used to image the organ damage and tumors because they can glow in the body.

Nanotechnology Industry

Nanotechnology Industry

Nanotechnology Facts 7: nanotubes

Nantoubes are used by the University of Southern California lab to produce synthetic neurons. Another interesting fact comes from Don Eigler. He was an IBM engineer who used an atomic force on the microscope in 1989.  He set the record as the first person who controlled and moved a single atom.

Nanotechnology Facts 8: the smallest PR stunt

Do you know that the smallest PR stunt in the world was performed by Eilgler and his team? They utilized 35 xenon atoms to spell out IBM.

Nanotechnology Picture

Nanotechnology Picture

Nanotechnology Facts 9: nanowires

Nanowires were used by the Georgia scientists to create piezoelectric generators. The electricity will be produced from the generators when the critters ran.

Nanotechnology Facts 10: Zhong Lin Wang

Zhong Lin Wang was the famous co-inventor of jacket. He used high technology to create a shirt. The cell phone will be changed when you stroll it. It is also can be used to measure the blood pressure and heart beat.



Are you impressed with facts about nanotechnology?

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