10 Interesting Solar Power Facts

Thursday, September 3rd 2015. | Technology

Solar Power Facts talk about the technology used to convert sunlight into electricity.  It can be conducted by using CSP or concentrated solar power and PV or photovoltaics. The photovoltaic effect is applied when you use Photovoltaics to convert the sunlight into electricity.  The mirrors or lenses along with tracking system are applied when you use the concentrated solar power system. The large area of sunlight will be directed on the small beam. Get more interesting facts about solar power by reading the below post:

Solar Power Facts 1: the electricity consumption

By 2050, it is estimated that 11 to 16 percent of electricity consumption will be from the solar power based the report of the International Energy Agency in 2014.

Solar Power Facts 2: the installation of solar power

China and India are the two countries with the most solar installations.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Power Facts 3: Photovoltaics in the past

In the past, the application of Photovoltaics was only for the medium and small scale. An off grid rooftop PV was used to provide electricity for a home. A single solar cell was used by the people to power calculator. Find facts about light bulbs here.

Solar Power Facts 4: the cost

In the past, the cost to install the solar power was very high. Now, it is decreased because the solar power has developed. Today, you can find a lot of solar power stations built all over the world. They can produce hundreds of megawatts of electricity.

Solar panel

Solar panel

Solar Power Facts 5: the inexpensive source of electricity

The solar power PV is one of the expensive alternatives for electricity today. Moreover, the energy produced is renewable and harmless to the environment due to the low carbon technology.

Solar Power Facts 6: the first development of solar power plants

In 1980s, the first development of solar power plants occurred for commercial purposes. Get facts about plywood here.

Rooftop Solar Power

Rooftop Solar Power

Solar Power Facts 7: the largest solar power plant

The largest concentrating solar power plant in the world has 392 MW Ivanpah installations. The location is at Mojave Desert, California USA.

Solar Power Facts 8: the largest PV power station

The largest PV power station in the world is also located in US. It is 579 MW Solar Star.

Facts about Solar Power

Facts about Solar Power

Solar Power Facts 9: other notable CSP plants in the world

The famous CSP plants in the world include the Andasol solar power station in Spain, the Solnova Solar Power Station in Spain and SEGS (354 MW) in the Mojave Desert in California

Solar Power Facts 10: the solar panels

If you are interested to apply PV system at home, you need to get the solar panels. You can install them in ground mounted solar farms or on rooftops.

Solar Power Facts

Solar Power Facts

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