10 Interesting Social Media Facts

Wednesday, August 26th 2015. | Technology

Get the interesting Social Media Facts if you want to know the tool which enables the people to interact with other people. Social media is very important today. It seems that people cannot live without social media for they can exchange the important information, share stories with family and friends, make videos, shares picture in the virtual networks or communities. Here are some interesting facts about social media below:

Social Media Facts 1: the quality of social media

The quality of social media is better than the traditional media.  There are many sources which can reach many receivers. The dialogic transmission system is used to operate the social media.

Social Media Facts 2: the traditional social media

The monologic transmission model is used to operate the traditional media. Therefore, only one source can reach many receivers.

Social Media Pic

Social Media Pic

Social Media Facts 3: the inexpensive tool

Social media is very popular today. It is accessed by all people in the world for various purposes. It can be for private or commercial purposes. The main benefit of using social media is the inexpensiveness. You can build relationship, access information or even market products.

Social Media Facts 4: spending more time

The effect of social media in the life of the people is very great. The report finds out that the internet users spend more time to access the social media than any other sites in the internet.

Social Media Picture

Social Media Picture

Social Media Facts 5: the spending time

There was a big increase of the time spent by the internet users to access the social media. In July 2011, the internet users spent 66 billion minutes to access the social media. In July 2012, they spent 121 billion minutes.  It increased 99 percent from the previous year. Find out facts about Facebook here.

Social Media Facts 6: the benefit for content contributors

The benefits that the content contributors get from the social media are related to the monetary income, career opportunities and building the reputation in virtual world.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Facts 7: the forms of social media technologies

There are various forms of social media technologies. Those include the forums, photo sharing, microblogs, social bookmarking, enterprise social networks, business networks, blogs, video sharing, social networks, social gaming and many more.

Social Media Facts 8: the real people

In the social media, the real people can use their real name.

Facts about Social Media

Facts about Social Media

Social Media Facts 9: the functionality

The reshare content in the social media sites are distinctive.  The reblog function is used Tumbrl’s. The retweet button is used to reshare in Twitter. Get facts about information technology here.

Social Media Facts 10: the economic social media

The social media can be used to boost the economical sector. The internet users can function it for sales promotion, marketing research, and even building relationship.

Social Media Facts

Social Media Facts

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