10 Interesting Clock Facts

Monday, December 9th 2013. | Technology

It will be interesting for us to talk about clock facts. Clock is always associated with time. The beginning of time is dated back when the Egyptian people created the twenty four hours. That’s why the Egyptian people were the one who take the credit of the first people who knew about time. Find out more facts in the post below:

Clock Facts 1: time in the past

The people in the past had different time arrangement. The position of the stars in the sky designated the time. The night had 20 hours.

Clock Facts 2: the day hours

The days in the past had ten hours. To keep the track of the day hours, the people looked at a shadow clock.

Clock Facts

Clock Facts

Clock Facts 3: twilight hours

Now let’s determine the twilight hours of the past. This time was defined after the sunset and before dawn.

Clock Facts 4: invention of the shadow clock

The shadow clock invention was not created for the first time by the Egyptians people. Many people think the same way. It was not true because at the same time, the Romans, Greeks, Babylonians and Chinese people had created instrument to tell time.

Clock Sign

Clock Sign

Clock Facts 5: Sundials

Most people in the past used sundials to tell time. People used it from time to time because it was easier to determine the time using this tool. To make the sundial worked throughout the year, the people placed the post of sundial in a special angle.

Clock Facts 6: Sands of Time

Shadow clock and sundial were good to decide the time of the day. However, they failed to work when the night comes. Thus, the sand clock was invented to know the time at night. Today people still used this clock. However, no one knows the inventor of an hourglass or sand clock.

Clock Slipping

Clock Slipping

Clock Facts 7: The first mechanical clocks

The first mechanical clocks were very simple. They contained moving gears to progress the hand which pointed the hour. The first clock was made on a tall tower due to the heavy weight.

Clock Facts 8: a big clock

The clocks created by the people in the past were not accurate to tell time. However, there was a big clock created in 1389 in Normandy, France. It still works today.

Time Facts

Time Facts

Clock Facts 9: the oldest clock in the world

Do you know that the oldest clock in the world is located in Salisbury, England? It was created in 1386.

Clock Facts 10: pendulum clocks

The discovery of Galileo and Galileo made a big contribution to the invention of pendulum clock in 1900.

time warp

time warp

The scientists in 20th century are very accurate to define the clock. They remove the pendulum clock with quartz crystal clock.  Another bigger invention is the automatic clock which gives you more accurate time. What do you think on facts about clock?

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