10 Interesting Youtube Facts

Tuesday, July 11th 2017. | Technology

Youtube Facts tell the readers about an American video-sharing website. In February 2005, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim established Youtube. All of them were the former employees of PayPal. The headquarters of the website is located in San Bruno, California.  In November 2006, Youtube was acquired by Google with the price of US$1.65 billion. Today, it is included as one of the subsidiaries of Google. Let us check other interesting facts about Youtube by reading the complete facts:

Youtube Facts 1: the users

There are many things to do by the users. They can comment, report, add to favorite, share, view or even upload videos on Youtube.

Youtube Facts 2: the media videos

The media videos of Youtube are displayed using Adobe Flash Video technology, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and WebM.

Facts about Youtube

Facts about Youtube

Youtube Facts 3: the content

Youtube has a number of contents in the form of short and documentary films, music videos, TV show clips, video clips, video blogging, movie trailers, educational videos, short original videos and audio recordings.

Youtube Facts 4: who uploads videos?

The individuals are considered as the most common users who upload videos on Youtube. Hulu, Vevo, BBC and CBS are some media corporations, which also upload videos on Youtube. Check facts about Wikipedia here.

Youtube and Obama

Youtube and Obama

Youtube Facts 5: the users

There are two types of Youtube users. Both are the registered and unregistered ones. The former ones are allowed to comment on the videos and upload various videos. On the other hand, the latter ones can only watch the videos.

Youtube Facts 6: advertising revenue

The advertising revenue of Youtube is generated from Google AdSense. Most videos are free to view. However, you need to subscribe if you view the film rentals, premium channels, and other types of content.

Youtube Facts

Youtube Facts

Youtube Facts 7: the number of uploaded content

Each minute, it was reported that 400 hours of content was uploaded on Youtube as of February 2017. Look at facts about Yahoo here.

Youtube Facts 8: the rank

According to the Alexa Internet, Youtube earned the second place as the most popular website as of April 2017.

Youtube Pictures

Youtube Pictures

Youtube Facts 9: uploading a video

The users are allowed to upload 15 minutes of videos per duration on Youtube. The length of video can be 12 hours if the user has good record of accomplishment.

Youtube Facts 10: the types of videos

The types of videos found on Youtube are uploaded in various formats such as FLV, QuickTime File Format, MPEG-PS, MP4 and AVI.



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