10 Interesting Grasslands Facts

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The grasslands facts make you closer with the green area in the world. The people who like to enjoy a green and nice view for their next vacation while grazing some animals can visit grassland. Grassland can be seen in many areas in the world. However, you cannot find it when visiting the ice continent, Antarctica. Let me tell you some interesting grassland facts:

Grasslands Facts 1: Types of Grasslands

Before you visit any grassland in the world, educate yourself about the types of grassland. You can decide to visit the temperate grassland or the tropical grassland.

Grasslands Facts 2: Effect of Grassland

Rainy season bring a bigger impact in the look of grassland. When the rainy season comes, you can see that the grassland is filled with a lot of greeneries and colorful flowers. It is best view for the people to enjoy nice scenery. The dry season still makes the grassland looks lovely for the soil is still having a lot of water from the rainy seasons. Grassland now is affected by the global warming because many people use it as a farm land. Here are some global warming facts to consider.

Beautiful Grasslands

Beautiful Grasslands

Grasslands Facts 3: Tropical Grasslands

If you want to enjoy the look of tropical grassland, you can make a visit in countries lying on southern hemisphere. You can see many flowers and greeneries growing here. Click amazon rainforest facts to know the lush greenery in the world.

Grasslands Facts 4: Different Names

Each country has different name to call grassland. But it means similar. In Africa, grassland is called as savannah, while is midway US it is referred as prairies.

Grasslands Facts

Grasslands Facts

Grasslands Facts 5: Inhabitants of Temperate grasslands

Even though temperate grassland cannot provide a colorful view like in tropical grassland, the soil of this space is fertile. You can see small animals living here like mice, rabbits and snakes.

Grasslands Facts 6: Bulbous Plants

The dominating species that you can see in grassland is called as bulbous plants.

Grasslands in Nice look

Grasslands in Nice look

Grasslands Facts 7: Temperate Grasslands

If you want to enjoy the air in temperate grassland, you can go to the northern hemisphere.   But ensure that you do not visit it when the dormant season occurs for there is no plant growing here. The flowers and plants in this space are smaller and lower compared to the ones in tropical grassland.

Grasslands Facts 8: Difference in Height

Height differences can be seen on the greeneries in grassland. If you come to the North American region, you can see that the prairie grasses can grow higher, while the Calk down greeneries can only grow for about 30 cm.

Grasslands with High Plants

Grasslands with High Plants

Grasslands Facts 9: Useful Habitat

Grassland is considered as a beneficial land due to the fertile soil. It is good to use for cropland and pastures.

Grasslands Facts 10: Inhabitants of Tropical Grasslands

The tropical grassland is occupied by larger animals for the plants living here is myriad and high. You can find elephants, lions, cheetah, giraffe, and jaguar in the space.

Green Grasslands

Green Grasslands

When people want to travel for natural environment, they can go to beautiful grassland. We cannot call it as a forest because grassland is considered as a transition between forest and dessert. You can see many grasses and smaller flowers here. By knowing the facts about grasslands you do know that this land is great of your next vacation trip.

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