10 Interesting West Africa Facts

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The westernmost sub region in Africa is often called West of Africa, Western Africa or West Africa. It covers 18 countries. Some of them include Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Niger, Mauritania, Liberia, Saint Helena Island, Nigeria, Guinea, Mali, Gambia and others. Each country has different culture. However, most of them have the similarities viewed from the culture, music, traditional food and clothing style. Let us find out other impressive facts about West Africa below:

West Africa Facts 1: the cultural exchanges

The cultural exchanges took place long time ago before West Africa was colonized. The Mali Empire, Ghana Empire and other empires had been established to rule parts of West Africa.

West Africa Facts 2: Sudano-Sahelian architectural style

Have you ever spotted Sudano-Sahelian architectural style? It emphasizes the culture and building design of West Africa.  This architecture can be found in the airport and street in Timbuktu, Mali.

West Africa Map

West Africa Map

West Africa Facts 3: the building construction

The building construction in West Africa is different from other regions due to the presence of desert, arid grassland, climate and tropical humid forest.

West Africa Facts 4: clothing style

It has been prevalent for centuries to have the West Africans wearing embroidery and hemming clothes.  The locals also wear jackets, tunics, shirts and breeches. Get facts about African music here.

West Africa Pic

West Africa Pic

West Africa Facts 5: the unique clothes

The unique clothes from West Africa include Senegalese Kaftan, Dashiki and Boubou robe. The popular one is wearing tunics with baggy trousers.

West Africa Facts 6: the traditional food

The traditional food in West Africa lies on the usage of fish for those living in coastal regions. They also use fruits, vegetables, and meat to cook food. The foods are mostly processed by frying and boiling.

West Africa Rice

West Africa Rice

West Africa Facts 7: the staple food

The staple food of West Africa is rice. Many western nations enjoy Jollof rice. The recipe was originated from West Africa and spread to other nations. Check facts about South Africa here.

West Africa Facts 8: entertainment

Many people in West Africa love to play board game oware. They also like to watch and play football. It is the most popular sport.

West Africa Facts

West Africa Facts

West Africa Facts 9: the modern music genres

The modern music genres from West Africa include Afrobeat, Highlife, Mbalax and Fuji.

West Africa Facts 10: film industry

The film industry in West Africa is centered in Nigeria. The industry is called Nollywood. Ousmane Sembène was the writer, producer and film director from Senegal.

West Africa Clothes

West Africa Clothes

Are you impressed after reading West Africa facts?

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